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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



Let's look at the third dimensional viewpoint for a moment. We learned in earlier excerpts that the 2d is exactly the same as the 3d, except for the addition of forward motion, (action), as an extra dimension. To put this into perspective, people with only a 2d focus, usually cannot take action by themselves. They must be guided by outside forces that are managed by a few 3d people at the "top" of the food chain. This outside force is sometimes very subtle, giving the 2d types the illusion of having 3d power. In business, for example, a few 3d people delegate their 3d power and authority down through a pyramid structure. This structure is also found in most governments and religions.

2d people are perpetually embroiled in two sided power struggles. Either on one side or the other. For them, there is only good verses evil, them or us, hot or cold, with very little shades of grey. 3d people are balanced in the way a three legged stool is balanced compared to the two legged stool of a 2d person.
2d people are always out of balance, whether they are aware of it or not. 3d people are always in balance, and are always aware of it, because they had to learn how to become 3d through balance and neutrality.

3d people found in high office can exhibit, seemingly, rhinoceros thick skin when dealing with the rant of hordes of 2d people, who, of course, are lead by a 3d person.

Some 3d types become recluses, not wanting to exploit their 3d power. Charismatic religious leaders are always 3d people. Great sales persons, great personalities in music and film are often 3d people. And if the artist is not 3d at first, it is because a 3d person, behind the scenes, is coaching and guiding them to become 3d.

I know of advanced 3d people who are spiritually aware enough not to get entangled with the, not so aware, 3d types. I have noticed that these spiritually aware 3d people use their 3d neutrality as a buffer between their internal serenity, and physical turmoil just outside of their doors. Many move to more serene surroundings once they are financially secure enough to do so.

You will find mature 3d focused persons in business for themselves. They usually do not make good business heads because of their innate generosity. While lessor 3d focused people concentrate on making profit, the more spiritually educated 3d focused people concentrate on the welfare of their workers and clients, putting profit last, understanding spiritual law as they do, knowing that opulence is a natural state, and that they will always have enough profit to be worthwhile.

So, how can you become more 3d and less 2d? You have already made progress by studying universal law, as provided on the TT Website. (See A Course in Time Travel) To me, this shows a pressure from your Inner Being, who is, after all, the very best guide, to 3d awareness, you could possibly want.

How does a spiritually knowledgeable 3d person conduct his/her affairs, walking through the same turmoil as you do, on a daily basis?


 For starters, 3d people seem happier than 2d people. Let's look at this, for a moment, and see if we can spot the difference.

Being 3d means that a focus from deep within, is seeking to focus out through all of the dimensions, and like a microscope, focused into the third dimension. Being in touch with ones most inner self, naturally produces happiness, joy and freedom. But, in addition to this, there is the conscious act of being neutral.

There is an old occult maxim that says, "Be neither for or against". I take this to mean not to get involved in unimportant issues. If you notice, most people are heatedly passionate about something as benign as a football game. I know, I used to be one of these. This kind of misspent passion is a form of anti boredom. God forbid if a 2d person is in the least bored, even for a few minutes. Thus we have chronic TV watchers, book readers, and a host of other "simple pleasures". Don't get me wrong, I sometimes watch TV, love to read, and even go to a movie. The difference is that I like to do it, not have to do it. "All things in moderation".

Why is it desirable to become 3d, especially if you are happy being 2d? With the change in vibration we will be going through in the next several years, in addition to strange climatic conditions, and emotional instabilities that accompany these changes, many 2d types will not be able to cope emotionally. If you are currently 2d, you will, no doubt, be drawn into the 2d mass karma, as new balance points come into view. Those who cannot change for some reason, will not survive. The need for change will get more demanding as we come more into the new age.

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