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Al Bielek on the Philadelphia Experiment

January 13, 1990 in Dallas, Texas.

The Philadelphia Experiment (U.S. Government designation "Project Rainbow") had its origin in a feasibility study started in the early 1930's at the University of Chicago (1931) and later moved to Princeton's Institute of Advanced Studies. Involved in the Program at various times were renowned scientists that included Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and others.

Originally a theoretical study in methods to produce an "invisibility screen", the first fully successful test in 1940 converted the program to a military project : "Project Rainbow". As a military (Navy) program, a volunteer crew had to be trained and a ship selected - the Eldridge (DE 173). Equipment had to be ordered, built, and installed for seaborne tests. Sea trials were conducted outside of Philadelphia, in the Delaware Bay area.

First tests were in July, 1943 with serious personnel problems resulting. The final test - 12 August 1943 - was an utter disaster to ship and crew : the ship survived after its return to normal time and location in the Philadelphia harbor. The U.S. Navy continues to deny to this day that this project ever took place : or that it was coupled through hyperspace to another project in the future (1983).

The expectations for the project and the nature of the problems with the crew will be developed and discussed, as well as why the "human equation" failed. A review of prior publications attempting to expose this project will also be discussed. The lecturer, Alfred D. Bielek, was born in August 1916 as Edward A. Cameron, son of Alexander D. Cameron, Sr. He attended several Universities, graduating with a Ph D. in Physics (1939). Enlisting in the Navy along with his brother, they eventually became directly involved in the "Philadelphia Experiment". The story of how he - Edward Cameron - was eventually removed form the project and became Alfred D. Bielek is a bizarre story of government brainwashing and manipulation, and destruction of a career. The story of his brother is still more bizarre as well as tragic.

Mr. Bielek is today a retired electronics engineer with 30 years of a consulting career behind him. The following is a Vangard Sciences commentary by Jerry W. Decker and is based on personal studies in a variety of subjects including the "Philadelphia Experiment" and attendance of the lecture Mr. Bielek is a most engaging speaker. He presents a wide range of popular references during his talks and weaves quite a web. However, the information available prior to the 1983 movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment" does not concern the prospect of time transport.

The stated focus of the "Philadelphia Experiment" project was to "achieve radar invisibility". Mr. Bielek states that his "memories began coming back AFTER seeing the movie in 1988." I got the impression that he incorporates new topics into his storyline as fast as he hears them, claiming that his "memory suddenly came back on that." Another major flaw was the statement that Nikola Tesla was in association with and in charge of the project. This is highly incredible since the experiment occurred in July, 43' and Tesla died on January 7, 1943 in New York City.

Yet another reference which is difficult to believe is that Gustave LeBon was a consultant and worked with Tesla and Einstein on the project. Bielek says that Thorn EMI, producer of the film, "The Philadelphia Experiment" was banned from showing it in September 1983. He later says it was given a limited showing in the USA.

Thorn Instruments, an old English manufacturer of labware from the early 1800's bought into EMI and had in their archives a story of a disappearing ship with a picture of the "time traveler" who brought it to them. In the picture were the Wilson brothers of Thorn, Aleister Crowley (infamous occultist) and a 4th person who was Preston Nickels.

This "traveler" said to be Peter Nichols is a past president of the USPA (United States Psychotronic Association) and was supposedly in the picture taken in 1890. Supposedly Mr. Nichols was shown the picture by a Thorn/EMI representative (Chief Archivist). It showed him about 10 years older than now, 1989. They would not let Nichols copy the picture. Bielek says Crowley said that Nichols was a man out of the future and gave them the story of the disappearing ship.

Alan Batchelor? is said to be another survivor of the experiment. Project Rainbow was said to be the original name of the project, later changed to Project Phoenix. It took four hours for the disappearance from Philadelphia to return. Bielek also said EBE-1 (extra-terrestrial biological entity #1) gave the secret of the transistor to the government, (no time frame). (Of course, we all know the germanium transistor was invented by Thomas Henry Moray and stolen by Bell Labs) Bielek says his brother time travelled to 1983, lost his "time lock", aged about 1 year per hour and died shortly thereafter. He then said his brother was later reborn. (I don't pretend to understand this.)

Supposedly every 20 years on the 12th of August, the magnetic energy peaks, i.e. 1943-1963-1983 to allow a synchronicity. Linking and coupling to the surge would cause a shift, (again confusing). Dr. Von Neumann (of computer fame) was supposedly involved in the "Philadelphia Experiment" with Tesla, Einstein and LeBon. Bielek says he is recorded to have died in 1953 or 1957.

In Phoenix, 1986, Bielek's memories recalled a site in Montauk which might be where Von Neumann currently resides in obscurity. In January 1988, Bielek's memories of the "Philadelphia Experiment" were recalled. Another major discrepancy, records indicate the original manned experiment occurred on October 28, 1943, NOT the 12thAugust, 1943.

Despite the irregularities, there were some interesting comments made in regard to time. The two most outstanding things about the public lecture was the showing of a slide purported to be a "Zero Time Reference Generator" which looks strangely similar to an old Army field kitchen refrigeration unit. No technical details were given or offered.

This device was purported to be the oscillator which drove the coils of the experiment. Mr. Bielek claimed that the unit shown was used to synchronize two separate signals (one for each coil).

The literature of the "Philadelphia Experiment" is replete with descriptions of the technology. Further findings by our group and associates indicate a more "coherent" approach.

Basically, a coil was wound on each half of the ship and driven by separate oscillators, synced with an adjustable phase angle to create a "Scalar-type wave". This distorted the field matrices of matter encompassed within the field for "unusual effects".

Keely was more than familiar with this field of compound vibrations and their applications, HELL, HE PRECEDED ALL OTHERS. The other interesting comment was about a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin in the 30's. His name - Henry Levenson. He specialized in time studies and developed a time variant equation. Mr. Levenson co-authored 2 books and wrote 1. None of these books are available (of course) but Bielek indicates they might be available in restricted or private libraries such as Princeton.

The time comments centered around a concept involving a TIME LOCK which was "encoded" at the time of creation of all matter, living or otherwise. Thus, all matter created on the Earth, must be "clocked" to the Earth time lock. The Earth must be "clocked" to the Solar time lock and that to the Galaxial. If your time lock became "distorted" by high intensity fields, it would create a variety of problems due to the instability of the recovery process, assuming that recovery could be possible.

Bielek claimed that the original system was powered with a 500 KW generator, later increased to 2 Megawatt. Another experiment was supposed to have been done with 3 field coils, all synced to the same clocking system. The 3 field design created major arcing and caused a return to the 2 field design. Bielek also claims that there were 3000 tubes used in the system.

If you get the chance to hear Mr. Bielek, I do recommend it if only for entertainment. However, if you want useable data, stick to books periodicals and your own research. The time theories espoused by Bielek seem particularly worthy of study. Much of the "Scalar" craze indicates a technology which could duplicate or surpass the original "Philadelphia Experiment".

Just for grins, I will state my own conclusion and theory on the subject. I base it on UFO phenomena, the work of Dr. Harold S. Burr, Dr. Walter Russell, W. J. Hooper and personal observations.

If the original purpose was "invisibility" as stated in various articles and commentaries, then why did a SHIP wind up in a HARBOR FILLED WITH WATER and NOT in the middle of a city street or a wheat field in Kansas. Seems that something is amiss as other accounts of the experiment state it was not carried out once but several times. Each time, the ship "teleported" to a watery target. What are the chances that EVERY TIME the ship would "land" in water??

The U.S. Navy, for one, seemed obsessed with the idea of the perfect camouflage - the ultimate secret weapon - INVISIBILITY. If only one of their warships could be made invisible, think of the havoc it could cause the enemy. Havoc that could conceivably bring the bitter and long- enduring war to an end.

On October 28, 1943, an experiment was conducted at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This event, appropriately enough, became known as "The Philadelphia Experiment". A Navy escort destroyer named the DE 173 (better known as the U.S.S. Eldridge), with hundreds of tons of electronic equipment aboard, lay in its dock. Scientists on shore started the experiment which involved Dr. Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory", a completed version appearing in the period 1925-27. "Withdrawn" as incomplete, the revised theory returned in 1940. The result of the experiment was brain-rattling!

The ship faded rapidly from sight in a foggy, green mist - and COMPLETELY VANISHED! Speechless amazement struck the wide-eyed scientists ashore. Then, after a few minutes (another account makes that "seconds"), the ship reappeared where it had formerly been, to its Philadelphia dock, and regained its visibility! But that was not all. Something equally stunning was discovered to have happened during its vanishment.

During that period of a few minutes (or seconds) the ship had shown up at its other Norfolk Navy Yard dock in Virginia! So, not only had it successfully become invisible, but it had also been TELEPORTED! Notice the arrows and how the ship went to its OTHER DOCK but in Virginia, not the one in Philadelphia.

Since we live in a serial time which clocks our every action and records it on the surrounding space continuum. Our presence at in any space at a given timeframe is captured by local space/matter conditions so that the moving of the earth and our solar system in its orbit would not leave us in space were we to teleport. So we have slices of wherever we have been since our creation. We should be able to step back into any given slice, not in time, only in space.

Another condition of this concept is that the PRESENT represents a suction which maintains matter as a balloon in the "holographic image" of a mass in a single time frame and in a specific spatial location. Remember that this is in the PRESENT ONLY.

Since the Eldridge had a history of having been at its OTHER DOCK SOMETIME IN THE PAST and probably on several occasions, then if we could distort the tempic (time) field enough, we could momentarily teleport the ship NOT THROUGH TIME BUT THROUGH SPACE to a place IT HAD BEEN BEFORE.

Now, if during that act and BEFORE COMPLETE TRANSFER WAS ACCOMPLISHED, someone cut the power, the portions of matter which had teleported would be "sucked" back like a vacuum to the source, i.e. the original spatial location of the PRESENT.

Think of it as two balloons. A full one in Philadelphia represents the Eldridge. At the port in Virginia, an empty balloon represents the holographic image (with no matter) and of a SPATIAL image sometime in the past. (Of course, for each timeframe past, an empty holographic image balloon lies there recording the passage through time of each object, just like a frame of a comic strip) If we slowly squeeze the full balloon (representing the Eldridge at the Philadelphia port in the original or PRESENT location), a connecting tube to the Virginia port allows the passage of "matter" into the empty Eldridge. We get to a point where the source is 1/4 empty and the target is 3/4 full. IF at this point, someone RELEASES THE PRESSURE, what happens?

The "teleported matter" will surge back into the ORIGINAL SPATIAL location which exerts a vacuum to keep its balloon full. Of course, once the transfer is complete, the suction then takes place from the target spatial location. Since the pressure (high intensity pulsing magnetic waves) was released before the transfer was complete, the resulting surges created massive distortions in all mass encompassed by the field.

Living organisms record field effects in their tissues. Therefore, all tissue formations which took place during the surge, recorded the surges to "haunt" the victims. This apparently distorts the Bio-plasmic field also to cause major physical problems.