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Poetry About Time by Tracy Farley

Poetry About Time by Tracy Farley

My Friend, My Enemy.

by Tracy Farley, 2010

As I walk the roads of daily life,
And see the things that pass me by,
I am made to remember my Time gone past,...
Some good, some filled with strife.

And yet would I these memories let die,
I think not for they have held me fast,
Made me who I am and who I’m not,
Led me to find new friendships that did last.

I wonder what or who to blame
For these precious memories that my life do line
And though I seek far and wide for such a thing
I’m left in awe for my life I find is so fine.

So who or what can I thank for all that is good
And blame for those I find a pain,
I can only think of that which by my side always stood
My friend, my enemy, my one and only Time.

Time was there when I was born so blonde.
Time was there when my children this world did find.
Time is here now as my faithful companion.
And only Time will see me through to the great beyond.

T.N. Farley, . 2010