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Remote Viewing Through Time

Mr. Gerald O'Donnell voluntarily retired from a non-US based, Western intelligence Remote Viewing (Mental Espionage: mental traveling) program, in the late 80's in order to pursue other activities.

Many Remote Viewing units are still operational and classified as top - secret projects in many Western and Eastern countries.

European intelligence agencies were and are rumored to be still very active in the field of mental remote viewing. This is the case of the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) which has a very effective remote viewing (sensing) unit, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6), the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), and on some occasions the Israeli Hamossad lemodiin ouletafkidim meyouhadim (Mossad) that kept remote viewing psychic units in the 80's in Western and Eastern European countries. The Russian Glavnoye Razvedivatelnoye Upravleniye (GRU: Military Intelligence) is said to have maintained an operational unit and the new Federalnaya Sluzhba Besopasnosty (FSB: counterintelligence) and SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedky: replacing the KGB) might be attempting to renew some of their former programs.

Recent disclosures in the US since September 6, 1995 by the CIA and many former agents, have officially acknowledged the fact that the US Government- funded research and operated "Mental Espionage Units" for more than 20 years.
This operational arm of the US intelligence community started to function in the early 70's at the height of the "cold war", when American intelligence became extremely alarmed at the confirmed gigantic strides, successful efforts, and resources that the Soviets were making in the field of "mental espionage and mind control."

Such remote viewing units operated within the CIA, the DIA, and the Headquarters of US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) in Arlington, Virginia. Their code name was SCANATE, SUN STREAK, GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE and ultimately STAR GATE. The Army unit of "remote viewers" operated out of Fort Mead, Maryland.

The research arm of the American remote viewing project was the prestigious second largest scientific think-tank in the US: the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and was later transferred to a California-based defense contractor: Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), headquartered in San Diego.
This corporation had on its board of directors some of the highest members of the DoD and Intelligence community such as: CIA's last director John Deutch, former NSA chief and CIA deputy director Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA director Robert Gates, previous Secretary of Defense William Perry, Melvin Laird: Secretary of Defense under President Nixon, retired General Max Thurman: Commander of the Panama Invasion, and Donald Kerr: former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

SAIC owns Network Solutions, inc. (NSI), which in September 1995 took control over the Internet Domain Name Registration from the National Science Foundation.

The exact methodology employed for "Remote Viewing" by US intelligence has remained in great part classified.

Even though the remote viewing methods vary somehow from country to country, mainly because of cultural differences, their core remains the same.

Mr. O'Donnell feels very strongly that on the eve of the third millennium it is his duty to teach humanity a natural gift that it has for the most part forgotten because of its over-reliance on and adulation of technological gadgetry.

It is the birthright of each and every individual to easily relearn these techniques that accomplish a shift in his or her perceptual mental viewpoint within one's stream of consciousness, and to apply them in day-to-day situations for peaceful purposes, to increase his or her financial well-being and general health, evolve and usher in a congenial atmosphere of respect among all living things.

The dusk of the warrior's restrictive grip on such powerful mind-states has finally arrived. To everyone's benefit.