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The Montauk Project

In about 1970, the technology behind the Philadelphia Experiment was said to be fine tuned and applied on a much larger scale. It is said that the massive underground complex under the Montauk Air Force Station on Long Island was selected as the site that would continue where the Philadelphia experiment left off.

As the experimentation continued in these underground facilities... control of the space-time continuum was achieved and exercised on a regular basis. It is even suggested that these secret experiments may still be continuing there today.

The story of Montauk is a fascinating one... and careful study will show that there is definitely activity in the area that is difficult to explain. Perhaps one day we will find the truth about what is happening here.

There are many great stories about time travel and time travelers... and in many there may be basis for truth... but there is one truth today that is indisputable... that time travel is difficult... but it certainly does not violate the laws of mathematics and physics!...