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Time Travel - An Esoteric Physics Perspective

An abstract from the e-book "Traveling into the Time" by Carlo Dorofatti

In this synthetic and introductive essay about the concept of Time, there are described the fundamental aspects of what maybe can be considered as one of the most fascinating themes of the Esoteric Physics, which is the main aspect of the reality investigated by Carlo Dorofatti and his co-workers during their modern research.


Carlo Dorofatti 
Esoteric Physics considers the time as a natural kingdom.

Time is sequential only where the space exists and where there are forms and their dynamic interaction. In this specific case we are talking about our material three-dimensional plain. Outside the world of forms, the “flow” of the time - as a chronological sequence - doesn’t have sense and it exists accordingly with different dynamics and meanings.

Time is the first effect of the meeting of laws from which the world of forms is born. Inside the time, each form – since its first manifestation and perception – determines the beginning of the flow, where cause and effect realize the temporal link between one event and another inside a precise plain of existence.

The universe of forms is composed by many plains of existence, echo-words and parallel realities which exist also in ultra-luminal dimensions.

The complexity created by this vision of our universe leads our vision and experimentation towards different flows of time, which interact in many different ways. Especially from the alchemical point of view, Time is a parameter through which we consider each form, which is supported by the “particle of time” which participates to.

With the birth of the Quantum Physics, modern physics starts to comprehend the infinite relationships between forms, space and time where causes and effects don’t follow just one direction or a sequence matching with our common sense.

Time is the possibility given to forms to transform themselves along the axis of the temporal flow, instant by instant, event by event, towards the direction of the development of complexity.

Therefore, only from a theoretical point of view, past times are related with less complex systems and future times with more complex systems where the structure of the universe is composed by masses progressively smaller but able to manifest a wider functionality and to support a higher level of information/memory, inside a more and more evolved context.

I said “theoretically” because, due to certain reasons (related with the expression of the “consciousness”), it is possible that time (plain of forms) develops itself in a non-linear way compared with the direction of the complexity. In this case the sequence of events draws an intricate “geography”.

Basically, esoteric physics considers the time from two different points of view: linear and simultaneous.

Our perception is quite accustomed to the first point: it is a matter of considering time just in its function as a flow, from the past to the future. We are immerged in the time-river and participate to its unremitting flow. We see what we conventionally call “history’ through our personal and collective conventional memory and perception.

We have to understand that events falling into the history (that is relationships between forms) don’t arrange themselves on the axis of the space-time flow in a uniform manner, but they are more intense accordingly with special energetic lines where complexity increases the probability to manifest and develop itself (synchronic lines).

Events arrange themselves inside precise temporal sequences that we call “time packages”.

Time packages contain events (forms) and each one of them has a sort of average “valence” of complexity. This is not the complexity of the events hold by the package, but the angular position of the whole in respect of the cone of the complexity. This parameter tends to be repetitive and follows a sort of rhythm accordingly with the characteristic of the plain of existence.

Just an advice: don’t expect to perfectly understand everything NOW, ok? Fresh up the introductive book about Esoteric Physics and… go ahead.

From one temporal package to another, complexity follows different flows of evolution and creates a rhythm.

We can think to each plain of existence as a symphony, a music which has got a precise rhythm. Time packages with the same valence will arrange themselves along the time flow accordingly with this particular rhythm.

Use other senses and not just your rational mind to visualize and understand this mechanism.

Time packages in the past are already well defined in their level of saturation of events and their structure is “soft” due to the presence of a measurable number of not-saturated events and of events of which we can define the level of saturation, so they can be re-saturated through actions at a higher level of complexity.

This creates also the possibility for the mass to be managed during operations of physical time jumping. For this reason, as we are going to better explain later, traveling in the far past is easier than traveling close to our present where the structure of the events is not completely defined yet and, for this reason, less manageable (unless by investing big quantity of energy).

Each time package lasts about 66-70 years. This duration tends to slowly decrease with the growth of the complexity.

The second conception of time is based on an out-of-time point of observation (outside of the material world of forms and outside the time itself). From this position we can observe the whole river, from the source to the outfall, and even all the other possible rivers.

Past and future don’t exist anymore: only the present does. Each event is present and all the events are simultaneous. They are out there, defining a sort of temporal geography. The whole universe, all the possibilities of manifestation of the forms and all the events are present in what we called “the time sea”.

In this sea each event is hold by an undistinguished temporal fraction, and cause and effect have no meaning at all, unless we consider e determinate sequence (world, plain of existence) which gets its own direction in relation with perception and its geometry (position in the big picture) in relation with the general direction of the universal complexity.

This vision of the time leads us to the concept of “temporal geography”: universe is not a spatial territory, but rather a temporal environment.

Inside the eternal present, each object is nothing but virtual and imaginable in any kind of its possible manifestation inside material dimensions.

It is a pre-quantum world. This is the “world of ideas”, the time-paper on which all the laws which create the universe intertwine their relationships and sign that “agreement” (universal armistice) from which all the possible dimensions, worlds and plains of existence are born and manifest. The “ideas” will become “numbers” and finally forms developing themselves through fields and ratios of laws even very different but always coherent with the constitutive agreement (the universal primeval armistice of laws).

If you want to better understand these dynamics of creation, then please read the e-book regarding the Esoteric Physics. Each possible world is simultaneous and coexists with all the others, but it distinguishes itself because of its particular field of local sub-laws.

Continuously, “present” is the meeting point of the universal laws in that particular version which is suitable for the precise world we are considering.

Please, always remember that each aspect of the reality is defined and literally “takes shape” accordingly with the nature of the observer (of course there are many levels of observers who attune themselves to a different level of reality).

As a matter of fact, the central point of the scientific investigation is the researcher itself. Human being is the centre, the mirror, the reflex and the only possible measure of its reality. This is the starting point: objectivity doesn’t exist and the modern quantum physics can daily verify and confirm that.

Human being is the unique existing instrument of perception: all the other instruments provide us with information which is always processed, interpreted and evaluated by the human being who, in its turn, gives to them a more or less complex and complete meaning.

Our perception keeps events and forms into the existence and extracts from them a spiritual holistic value. This added value supports – more or less - our reality as a possible expression of the Absolute Being.

Time travel consists in the possibility to move along the “history”, by respecting precise rules regarding the dynamics of the complexity and by jumping in counter-time within the rhythms of the possible temporal sequences, and sliding beyond the theatrical wings of the reality in order to modify events and effects.

Basically, from a theoretical point of view, we can consider three main ways to do that: through the reincarnation (each one of us does it in a more or less aware manner), by subtle possession or through a physical travel.

It is a matter of “exiting” from the time and locating yourself again into it by following precise trajectories and multi-dimensional geometries. This is possible by using the power linked with your own level of Consciousness or by using the suitable “magical” technology (always in the appropriate context).

For example, the operation of “possession” is the possibility to travel through the time with your subtle bodies in order to possess another (animal or human) body at destination. In this case, it is not your physical part that travels but your subtle part: the “quantum of complexity” (knot of complexity) which is commensurate with your form and individuality in your current life.

Since your subtle part cannot be disjoint from your physical body (you are still embodied and alive), an open channel between the two places (your starting point and your destination) must be kept. This operation requires lot of energy and it can have a distance limit. Anyway, the advantage for the “timenaut” is to be able to “use” a body which is already adapted to the environment or, in case of possession of animals, to patrol the habitat with more powerful senses.

Physical travel is the transfer of the information (code) of the physical, energetic and spiritual structure of the timenaut.

According to this code of complexity (and by adjusting the gravitational levels of the body in respect of the temporal context which he – or she - will be located in), the physical re-assembling at the time destination can be done.

We are going to deepen this mechanism.

From the point of view of Magic, time doesn’t exist: they are the Forms that are continuously changing (as pulsing energies-events). I already said that esoteric physics considers the time from at least two main points of view: as a sequence of events (linked with the law of cause-effect) and as a “territory” where all the events are present and independent.

In the first case, the idea of the past and of the future laying on a mono-directional plain of existence prevails, but in the second case there is just an eternal present in which infinite possible sequences can snake.

Starting from both the concepts, we can elaborate complex theories (and experimentations) about time and space-time travels. It is important to remind that the time, as per the first concept, it is nothing but a “sensorial” reading of the transformation of the forms: cause and effect is just a justification (a convention) related with our restricted and relative perception of the reality.

Time and Space cannot be taken as passive reference points which are fix and unchangeable but, according to modern physics and with all the traditional esoteric teachings as well, they have to be considered as a part and parcel of a dynamic and active reality. They are protagonist and part of an integrated multiplicity, and active subjects of the change and evolution.

The idea of the eternal present leads us to a perspective which is outside the temporal flow and which offers to us an immediate, simultaneous and full perception of the “sphere” containing – at different depths - all the possible events in all the possible times.

This is the big reservoir called “the World of Ideas” that potentially and virtually contains all the possible manifestations of forms within the boundaries of the primeval “armistice” of Laws (universal singularity).

Universe is a Field of Laws

Universe is a field of laws.

Esoteric Physics says that the Universe of Forms is a singularity, an anomalous wave that causes the meeting of precise functions of the being (laws). Those Laws finds a balanced “relationship” by creating a field of force: our Universe, the primeval Concept from which the Time and all the Dimensions are generated. Bear in mind that I am using the present tense.

We can also imagine that the Divine Mind creates the Ideas which become Numbers and finally Events/Forms in different possible space-times.

Forms manifest themselves as perceivable structures (time, space, mass, energy) and create a possible dimension (world): this is a temporal direction.

Remember that all the “parallel worlds” of our Universe are distributed in different simultaneous frequencies and dimensions. On each dimension of forms there are particular local laws which derivate from the primeval universal agreement but work according to different “local ratios”.

It is important to keep in mind that parallel worlds are all those plains of existence which spatially and temporally co-exist with ours. As a matter of fact, Universe structures itself on a compenetration of worlds with different rhythms and equilibriums. Their different “frequency” keeps them like separated and represents the matrix of the structure of their forms. From the esoteric point of view, by using the proper knowledge, energy and power, it is possible to put in relation different worlds. Moreover, in particular circumstances, it is possible to open “doors” and, at a precise time, go across them in order to reach different dimensions of the reality.

Temporal direction is the convention through which it is possible to measure the change and the evolution caused by the inter-action between multiple, different and impermanent forms. The link of cause and effect is just an interpretative need which is created by the perception and the meaning we give to reality.

This way we define the historical sequence, the sense of reading, and the horizon of events, that is the direction of the future.

Arrow of Complexity

“Memory” creates the causal convention of the gone-by reality.

Temporal direction is tied to the “temporal density” and to gravitational ratios.

Basically, “Universe of Forms” assumes three fundamental characteristics which are the supporting structure of all and each manifested world: multiplicity, diversity and dynamicity.

Forms can express themselves through various different structures of diversified laws (generating different dimensions and parallel worlds) towards a common direction: the arrow of complexity.

Universe of Forms

Aim of forms is that to create “added value”: the global result must represent a “whole” which is superior to the sum of the parties.

This result is created by the increasing “complexity” of the system that adds value to the system itself which ideally should be streamlined and optimized without adding mass, but by increasing the intensity of relation/information/meaning. The “direction of complexity” leads the whole system to an “omega point” beyond which it is projected outside the Universe itself. This happens continuously, through flows of complexity-information exhaled from the Universe and from all its possible plains of existence.

Each world of forms has got three main “local” constitutive parameters: temporal direction, perceivable density, and level/number of dimensions.

Inside each world, matrixes of the reality work in a specific and exclusive way. The functioning-code of the laws - inside a specific temporal direction (world) - is given by what we called “temporal matrixes”. We can say that the whole Magic - from its more technical point of view - is a matter of knowing and using these matrixes. This is the top of all the possible sciences.

Directions and speeds of worlds are different and, in each world, complexity assumes a specific expression and result.

Worlds work together in order to reach that global result of complexity which will support the existence of the whole Universe. The added value is a holistic result in which we could find the last meanings to be joined with a superior Consciousness.

Parallel Worlds

During the evolutionary pathway of each world, forms organize themselves by ideally following what we called “the law of quarters” (form, life, thought, divinity) and tend achieving the minimum result of complexity (perception, meanings, added value) needed to support their own existence by involving less and less matter (mass/energy) and creating more and more hinged level of relations.

Therefore, in order to represent the evolutionary direction of the Universe, esoteric physics describe its ideal development as divided by four crucial moments:

1. the expression of the matter in its mineral state
2. the birth of life (that is a very wider concept than what the terrestrial biology considers)
3. the birth and the evolution of the thought (philosophy, culture, art…)
4. and the process for which the simplest thought-forms rise to the concept of “divine”

Mass and Complexity

Progressively, we see a more and more functional process of structuring of the material universe: mass is more and more organized and relationships between forms, which are more and more optimized – gradually realize higher functions and meanings. Complexity achieved in each “quarter” is added to the complexity stabilized in the previous quarter. The complex inter-action between forms creates an added value so that the universe is involved in a holistic and anti-entropic process we call “arrow of complexity”.

The higher expression of the last evolutionary state correspond to the maximum level of complexity which can keep itself in existence without any support of forms (matter, mass/energy): the whole meaning of the universe transcends the universe itself and project itself beyond the frontier of the materiality.

As human beings, on this planet, we are a transitory expression of life between the third and the fourth quarter. Potentially we are “bridge-forms”.

Human Beings as Bridge-Forms
Due to the role that bridge-forms have through the power of their free-will, from a certain point on, we cannot take for grant any automatic correspondence between the time flow and the growth of complexity.

Therefore, we see the development of a complex geography drawn by all the time lines moving in function of the “cone” of the complexity, where the “future” is not always oriented towards a position of higher complexity.

Worlds of forms are called “parallel” because they are structured according to different ratios of laws and vibrate on different frequencies.

If we imagine our Universe as an integrated whole of worlds, then we can see that all those worlds are simultaneous, sharing the same “space”, and distributed on different dimensions.

Regardless the inside-conventional temporal sequence, direction of complexity is the only common, real and ideal orientation which all the worlds – each by following its own way - tend to, and which the existence of the whole system depend on.

Each world has its own “relative threshold” which actually is merged with all the other thresholds in a common environment where all the temporal directions nullify themselves.

Threshold matches also with the traditional concept of “netherworld”.

Concept of Netherworld

Universe of Forms is not in direct contact with “the Real” which contain it. It is wrapped by a sort of “aura” we just called “Threshold”.

Threshold is a state of being which doesn’t need forms in order to support itself. It collects the results of complexity that are not complete yet (so they cannot merge into the Real and must be projected again into the forms’ processes - at our human level we call this mechanism as “reincarnation”).

In the threshold we can locate the “centre of mass” of the major part of entities and divine forces which compose our spiritual ecosystem. They are more or less close to the Form (from where they get their energetic nourishment) or to the Real, according to their level of spiritual complexity and consciousness.

Threshold is ruled by primeval laws, but in certain cases it is possible to create particular fields of derivate laws (for example the “Initiatic Citadel”, that is the initiatic post-mortem dimension).

Through the threshold it is possible to contact and access all the other possible worlds (related with our universe).

Threshold is contactable by using the Sense of the Dream, through many different out-of-body techniques (astral projection, shamanic travel, or more complex methods regarding the so-called “visit to the Aethyrs”, which is related with advanced Enochian and Thelemic teachings).

Sense of the Dream

Since it is a state of being which is related to all the worlds, founded by primeval laws, the threshold is a sort of “place-non place” where we can find all the courses and the doors to move from a world to another, but also – at the same time - through our inner psychic dimensions and state of consciousness.

Travel to a different parallel world (so not only through different echo-worlds of our plain) is possible only by de-structuring our own laws-code, melting us in primeval laws and structuring ourselves again according to the laws of the world we reached. This involves a change in the temporal direction, density and dimensions and in our sensorial paradigms as well.

Each world is composed by many different possible plains of existence. These plain of existence are reduced – by the perception of the various species – to a main reference of reality. It is a convention based on the exercise of senses, thought and memory.

We call “echo worlds” all those realities which have not been condensed in the main plain. These realities are justified or removed from our reality by our mind and, for us, they don’t exist at all.

As a matter of fact, any time we make a choice, more or less knowingly, those effects, which would have been the consequence of the alternative ruled out choices, flank to a temporary parallel world (echo world) which will be soon absorbed by the main reality elaborated by our sensorial and mental process.

This means that echo worlds are continuously generated. According to our current nature, we are not really “stable” and each one of us fluctuates on different echo-plains which however are brought back to the main one by the mechanism of our memory. In fact our mind (perception-interpretation-memory) continuously builds the more meaningful – or, at least, containable - plain which all the other converge to.

Reality is very more complex and wider than what our senses make us to believe.

Our plain of existence is just our three-dimensional reality, that is the result of the meeting between our world and the senses we apply to it, which have been developing by adaptation and cultural processes.

Actually, the reality we could access – due to our true nature – should be quite wider but at the moment, on this planet, our species has been affected by heavy sensorial restriction and lost many “archetypes” (existential and cognitive matrixes) finding itself like “lobotomized” and in a condition of dangerous lack of consciousness (added value) which affect the density of our reality itself.

Apparently, we are not able anymore to intervene in the quantum field of the potential realities.

There are different levels of truth: in general, we can say that all depends on what we think is real. We live in a world where everything we see is just a tip of a “quantum-mechanic” iceberg. Things are not made by “things” but by ideas, concepts and information. We determine the reality in which we are and that we see: there is nothing “out there” that is not affected by what there is here, inside of us.

Each “thing” is nothing but a possible movement of our consciousness, and moment after moment we decide which movement to take to reality.

All the realities exist simultaneously. Things are just tendencies of the consciousness.

Therefore: our influence upon reality is absolute. We are “machine” producing realities. The ‘enlightenment” is the real and complete comprehension, experience and mastery of that.

You have to pursue the Knowledge through the right perspective and the right approach, without any interference from our pre-conceived ideas and dependences. If you learn to do that, then you’ll know the reality as it is and your bodies will have new experience of that, with a new chemistry, new holograms, new place of thought and new dreams.

It is only in our current illusionary experience of reality that it seems we are moving through time. This is an illusion just like when we think that space is empty and matter is solid. As a matter of fact it is exactly the opposite.

Due to the way in which our brain is structured, we can see only what we believe it is possible. We match with schemes which already exist inside of us, due to the conditioning we received.

Our consciousness influences the others around of us, the characteristics of our material world, and the future as well.

We are continuously co-creating our past, present and future reality.

Our current perception is based on a minimum time which is necessary to record the transformation of the level of complexity of forms. Our “present” lasts about 4 seconds. In average, this is the time we need in order to elaborate our sensorial perception.

At the moment, in this époque, human being is not capable to use in real-time the elaboration of thought which is processed in those 4 seconds. Therefore our mind has got the time to re-define reality according to an acceptable convention which is suitable with our (limited) senses and with our mental scheme. This way our mind sets up our main plain of reality and our conventional memory sets up the historical plain: the cause-effect paradigm.

We always perceive things only after they have been reflected in the mirror of our memory: as a matter of fact brain doesn’t know the difference between what it is seen and what it is remembered.

All these elements are fundamental in order to really start understanding what a time travel is.

According to the esoteric physics teachings presented in our introductive book (that I always recommend to read before going through the theories of temporal physics), “Thought” is not a product of our mind, but a substance in which all the beings are dipped. Therefore, we, just like all the other beings at different levels, don’t produce any thought, but just process this matrix-substance. That added value – which permits to our universe to exist – should be the final result of the global thought-treating.

At the current state of our evolution we don’t produce thought and even we are not able to use in real-time the result of our processing.
In the moment which each one of us presumes to think (or better to process and give a frequency-shape to the thought-substance) actually it’s only remembering a dynamic which have already occurred. This has got important implications from the point of view of spiritual physics.

Moreover, we have to consider that thought is not uniform in the universe (there are different flows) and the substance which reaches us have already been processed by others level of complexity, others creatures and forces. We, in our turn, process and project our processed thought towards different creatures existing at a higher level. The final result comes back to the origin and supports the whole system.

Magic says that current human beings processes and remembers thought, but, ideally, complete human beings and divinities use and even create it, and create things and realities.

Evidently, our reality is an illusion, but this is also the plain of laws which rules our existence and in which we live in order to act, to make choices, to give meanings and, proportionally, to produce complexity and “added value”.

When complex species perceive forms they set up their own temporal convention. For example, territorial divinities, at their level, “ratify” the complexity of a sequence of reality by defining what we called as “temporal packages”, about each 66/70 years (moments of “divine attention”).

Continuum of time, as a sequence, doesn’t develop itself just through events which are linked each other by the law of cause-effect, but structures itself on precise agglomerates of events/forms which are just called “temporal packages”.

Temporal packages hold forms which are arranged on the temporal plain by following precise criteria. Different packages come one after the other spaced out by a rhythm defining, for each one of them, an average last of 66/70 years. This value tends to decrease with the increasing of the complexity.

The bond of cause-effect doesn’t work with the events which belong to different temporal packages, as long as the packages are enough far-between.

When a package finishes and the next one begins, there is a particular moment named “moment of divine attention”. It is a micro-rhythm that is part of those wider rhythms like the so-called “Eons” (or Aeons) which last about two thousand years. Divinities fix the reality and take a picture of the state of the events. That historical scenario can be changed not only by traveling through the time but also by using high level of temporal technology and theurgic magic.

Packages of time contain events-forms which have been saturated at a precise level according to the complexity of the system they belong to.

Moving and Acting Across Time

Let’s start saying that moving and acting across the time is based on the fact that there is a difference, a margin of complexity which allows a more evolved being to saturate again less complex events at a higher level of action, putting into discussion the historical reality of the main plain.

This “being” (the timenaut) moves through the tissue of reality in order to reset and modify it by following precise pathways coherently with the rhythm of temporal packages. This way he can access and re-saturate the events in counter-time, thanks to his major complexity. The alternative reality develops itself on an echo-world of the main plain. This echo-world can, in different ways, interfere with the main plain itself, even though it is separate from it and follows a different track. .

From the point of view of the esoterism, time travel is a practice that is (and have been) experimented and used by many different Schools and Orders using different concepts, systems and disciplines.

This extraordinary experience is not just a matter of “viewing” (like the clairvoyance or the divination), but it regards the possibility to physically move across the territory of the time and act on the historical events.

This travel can be done by following different ways: planned reincarnation, subtle or shamanic travel, astral-time travel and possession of a body, and the out-and-out physical travel with your own body.

Time travel can be done by using special natural “doors” which allow to access particular temporal tunnels (technically called “worm-holes’) or by using a technology able to open or even to create temporal doors and pathways ad hoc.

Esoteric physics studies the theory and the practice of time travel which however has to be considered as a part of a wider research investigating the laws and the physical and spiritual dynamics of our universe.

We-all have been traveling into time: we are doing that exactly in this precise moment, by moving to the next moment. This is a linear travel toward the future that we experience according to our “rhythm”. But if you want to move through the time by jumping from a point to another, then you can move only towards inferior complexity (since “you” have already been there) and not towards systems of complexity which are higher than yours or than the system of reality you normally are part of, because these can be reached just by linearly living instant by instant (and not by jumping).

If we assume that inferior level of complexity are related with past time, what it’s said above means that the time travel (that it is not a run but a jump) is possible only into the past, which is reachable because – in theory - less complex.

In any case travel towards the future could not be possible (from an absolute present) because there isn’t any future time which is already structured, but only hypothetical virtual futures of which eventually it could be possible only a mind projection, but not a physical shift.

The possibility to cause historical changes can be achieved by:

triggering self-supporting key-events

intervening on the compensation events which tend to develop on the main plain in order to absorb the interference

importing effects from the past directly to the present through a temporal lateral ramification

supporting the alternative reality (in this case the timenaut keep participating at it – this is the typical case of travel by reincarnation)

Regarding travels by reincarnation, these generate a particular phenomenon called “disjunction of plains”.

Past time the human plain of existence on planet Earth is oriented towards a direction that will be soon intolerable. This is due to many different levels of causes: biological, industrial and nuclear environment pollution, uncontrolled genetic manipulations, and, of course, the increasing degradation of spiritual values.

The so-called “New Age” - which potentially should create evolutionary opportunities for the consciousness of the human being - must be supported through precise choices and actions.

But the progressive constriction of senses and mind makes these actions more and more difficult and extraordinary. Nevertheless, astronomical and energetic conditions of our planet are actually attuned with new possibilities, since the planet itself entered a new dimensional state that many people summarize in the concept of “Age of Aquarius” (or “Aeon of Horus-Maat”). It is a new sequence of the possible reality that is progressively orienting our main plain and potentially promoting new spiritual, cultural, social and political paradigms.

The beginning of this evolutionary phase (which the trigger is still in process and develops through many steps) has to be located in the 1904 and, according to different traditions, could fulfill around the 2012 (the “zero-point”) with the final closure of a cycle and the opening of a new existential course.

Recently, one “disjunction of plains” has been developing on this new track of the terrestrial human reality: it is caused by a precise interference in order to re-orientate the reality.

This action is insidiously carried on by “embodied forces” coming from the future or from other dimensions with the aim to intercept and to change natural events in order to ensure that our planet Earth – and the terrestrial humanity - is permanently excluded from any concrete spiritual advancing that the Age of Aquarius potentially creates. This doesn’t mean that they want the total destruction: at the opposite, they work in order our planet can be saved but just because they need human slavery. And often these people introduce themselves and talk just as prophets or pioneers of the Age of Aquarius itself.

Therefore, Humankind is still living on an existential plain which is real and virtual at the same time.

The task of the various authentic spiritual and esoteric Orders, more or less known, is that to support and protect a plain of reality in a way that human being and the consciousness of the Earth could keep going on the pathway of the spiritual ascension and that our spiritual and material reality could join more evolved dimensions of reality.


Besides the well known natural kingdoms that on our plain of existence are called as mineral, vegetal and animal, we have to add the “temporal” kingdom, that is an intelligent ecosystem which interacts, according to precise laws, with the spatial kingdoms mentioned above. Of course, just like the major part of our reality, also all the phenomena related with time and the temporal kingdom are restrictively processed by human perception and interpretation.

Nonetheless, it could be possible to know and knowingly to interact with the temporal kingdom thanks to higher level of awareness and magic technology, like, for example, the use of “temporal seeds” with which it would be possible to orientate flows of events, trigger on new self-supporting sequences, re-create the historical and the current manifestation of the reality and even to make big steps towards the creation of what is the dream of all the Alchemists: the Philosophical Stone.

From this research a new level of pre-quantum physics is born and helps us in deepening the knowledge of our Universe.

Space-time Tissue

First of all we have to consider that each physical reality is made by a space-time tissue, which reality itself manifests on.

It is important to separate the “space” considered as a dimensional plain of forms and development of events, from the “time” which is the indispensable support to the manifestation of the physical reality.

Imagine, for example, the space tissue as the recording and the time tissue as the magnetic tape. Where it is already recorded we can listen for the recorded history which has been continuously recording on the rest of the tape. Reality is all in one with space and time which are merged in order to support its manifestation.

Our inner sense of memory is related with the perception and the interaction with the temporal kingdom, and allows us to perceive ourselves as temporal creatures as well.

For example, knowledge of our “past” lives is not just a matter of “good memory” but it’s related with the fact that we are living them: we should be fully aware of the simultaneousness of our diversified participation to time in our different incarnations.

We are temporal creatures, pervading time with our attractor and divine spark. We have some roots (our incarnations) in different places on the various possible material plains. Our temporal fruits are nothing but out matured personalities.

Each one of us is a macro-creature collecting from the material worlds, through its roots, the vital lymph (in terms of experience, complexity and meanings) which nourishes the immanent and transcendent divine being.

Soul Structure in Time

Our real complete body is spread on different intersecting space-times and in all the possible dimensions of complexity and consciousness.

This is what each one of us really is.


What is a time travel?

First of all we must specify that when we talk about time travels we are not referring to an activity of time perspective, such as a remote-viewing technique, lucid dream, shamanic travel or a divinatory operation 1. We are talking about time travels in the exact meaning of the term, that is, the possibility to move along the “historical” time in order to interact with objects, people and events with the aim to cause changes and to support sequences of alternative or parallel realities. It is an active and physical experience.

1 In these cases we passively observe past or future events, through magical or extra-sensorial faculties, without influencing or changing the course of history.

From the esoteric point of view, if we analyze the history of Magic and its myths, time travel is not something new. In fact, to travel in time is considered a faculty normally exercisable by Magicians and great Initiates in accordance with their level of Consciousness.

In the esoteric physics the key point is the possibility to realize a technology about this extraordinary experience, making it accessible to people that, even though involved in an initiatic and spiritual pathway, wouldn’t otherwise have reached the necessary level of Consciousness to emancipate themselves from physical and sensorial limits of the conventional concept of reality.

The meanings of this techno-magical experience go beyond the phenomenon in itself and are related with much extended motivations. The progressive knowledge of this scenario can lead us to an extraordinary and incredible vision of our reality and of human history.

For example, we can generally consider time travels:

as missions of restoring the space-time tissue to support our reality

in a “war-context” to oppose forces which are working against the human evolution

to support alternative realities compared to historical courses already lived

to create segments or islands of parallel realities from which to import effects in our present

to give origin to historical sequences of which we can or cannot have memories

and more...

The needed preparation to become “timenauts” is very complex, but, first of all, this experience regards people who are already involved in a precise initiatic lifestyle.

Generally speaking, all of us are time travelers as we live instant by instant in this space-temporal reality, on which we develop our personal history.

We must not forget that reincarnation itself is a real time travel, a jump in the history from time to time towards the most suitable destination for the growth of our soul.

However, the typologies of time travel we are talking about are related with three basic methodologies:

the real physical travel, experienced with the body

the travel by possession, obtained by particular techniques of temporal-astral travel and by possessing a physical body (human or animal) living in the temporal destination reached

the travel by programmed reincarnation, in order to produce and continuatively support complex events during the whole life span (for example, we can think about the incarnation of Avatars who arrive on our world in different times to carry on specific missions)

Before we talk about more technical aspects, we need to make some consideration about the structure of time and the possibility to interfere with it.

Space-time reality is the result of a consensual elaboration originated by our senses and interpreted by our mind. All the non-chosen events and the undone actions generate “echo worlds” which contain all the possible not lived sequences (alternative realities).

These “echo worlds” are potential realities not accessible by our current level of complexity; therefore they are taken back to a unique plain and are excluded by our historical reality.

Echo worlds

Every time we make a choice, more or less intense, the effects that would have been the consequences of the alternative rejected choices, run side by side to the concrete action we have made, on an “echo world”. This echo (or “mirror world”) is quite similar to the current reality without significant differences, because of its short length of time. In fact it tends to be reabsorbed by the main reality, which is formed by the current existence plain.

It is a “phantom” reality that, usually, cannot produce effects and it decomposes itself in laws.

Reality continuously generates echo worlds. Each one of us, due to our potential complexity, floats through different possible and virtual plains which are, however, taken again to a unique consensual reality by the mechanism of our perception and memory. In fact, because of our present limited condition, our memory determines the most significant plain which can be contained by our concept of reality, towards which all the other possible plains converge. This main plain is the one we call “history”.

The echo worlds are the “wings” of our stage.

Actually, these echo worlds are absorbed by the main plain only from our point of view.

These events can:

be “used” by other forms of intelligence

be recycled

sediment in time mines

Actually, they remain sideways on our reality giving origin to virtual sequences: echo worlds are insignificant and inexistent for us, but constitute the complex structure of the whole reality.

When we travel in time, moving, for example, from the current present towards the past, we throw in the alternative realities: we find ourselves in echo worlds apparently similar to the historical plain already lived. From here we can trigger sequences of events in order to generate effects able to interact with the main original plain and provoke changes in the present.

Echo World and Time Travel

According to this idea (represented above in a very simple way), it would be possible to consolidate a different historical convention that:

creates a parallel sequence of events which don’t interact with the main historical plain. Anyway, also from our point of view, the new sequence tends to be reabsorbed by the original one through compensation-events able to neutralize any interference (principle of the temporal resistance)

creates events that can be conveniently transferred from the echo world to the present of the main plain without restructuring the intermediate sequences

if it is continuously supported 2, become the new main plain replacing the original one (see further “the disjunction of plains”)

2 This is possible giving origin to generative self-supporting sequences of events or, in the case of travel through reincarnation, living in a row on the new plain in the process of formation. In any case it is necessary to generate events of major complexity compared with those already lived: the most complex plain “wins”.

There are no time paradoxes since actions done in the past generate consequences which are related with parallel realities. Therefore, the plain of reality that the timenaut has left (that is the main plain of the historical reality) is not involved.

Causes and effects are not linear but are distributed on different plains. The paradox is due to our need to connection causes and effects to give meaning to the reality and to elaborate our identity: the problem is that we remember only one plain at a time.

Therefore the change of history is not at all automatic. Actually, it should be obtained by finding the way to direct the effects from the echo-world where the timenaut acts to the original plain. Thus the timenaut works on a reality which is not consolidated and different compared with the one it will return to.

Moreover, what we intend to change cannot be removed but just relocated on an echo world, because in our causal logic it represents the reason itself that has driven us to program the travel, even if we will not be fully aware of it. At this point, it is obvious that we cannot keep using a linear logic.

Travelling through time means to be able to investigate the mysteries of our human history, to find new meanings, to solve (or to create) archaeological enigmas, to explore unsuspected kingdoms of nature, disappeared epochs and unknown civilizations, to run into shipwrecked time travelers and to find mysterious missing links of the apparently known history and to discover something more about the incredible cosmic picture which we are part of.

A time travel requires following some rules.

First of all we must consider that with the current technology it is only possible to travel towards destinations where the level of complexity of the events and forms is inferior compared with that of the departure place. In fact, it is normal to reach major levels of complexity living in a linear way instant by instant (according with the function of the derivate law “Arrow of Complexity”), but the moment we want to “jump” from one point of time to another, we can only reach structures with minor complexity 3, as we cannot enter where the level of complexity is not yet reached by our natural evolution.

3 Towards levels of complexity we have already crossed during our evolution.

According to the drawing we see that it is possible to travel only towards the past and not towards the future (theoretically more complex), but when we talk about more extended travels and navigations in the great sea of time, we prefer to say, for different reasons, that we move from a more complex present towards a minor complexity, instead of talking about travels in the past or in the future, because time doesn’t automatically proceed in the direction of the complexity. Moreover, it is important to underline that when there is a major difference of complexity less energy is needed for the transfer: the more reduced is the edge the more energy is needed.

To get into less complex times means to have the power to impose, at that moment, an alternative saturation of events, thanks to the major complexity of the timenaut.

Arrow of Complexity

In the determination of the reality, more complex events tend to prevail on the less complex ones.

In fact, events can be saturated at different levels of complexity. We can imagine them like “pulsing bubbles” dilating and contracting, following a certain rhythm. They settle in the moment in which they are saturated (used): the “size” in which they settle depends on the level of complexity of the saturating being. The re-saturation must occur by getting into the identified event in counter time. It is necessary to move at the same rhythm of that specific time package.

For this reason the timenaut must be (or become) compatible with that rhythm.

Timenaut Rythm 

Time is like a great symphony played by the majestic orchestra of life, which precisely plays following a certain beat.

Timenaut represents a new instrument that joins and gets into the harmony perfectly at time, but is able to play louder (it is more complex): it can direct, little by little, the entire orchestra towards variations or it can even impose a different theme or rhythm.

Often, timenauts are selected according to their major compatibility with specific historical epochs (also according to their past lives), in order to find the best solution with minimum use of energy.

Another remark regards travels towards the future: if we leave from the present and we know that the future is not determined 4, which future will we reach?

4 Future is defined only in its possible and probable manifestations, so it is just a virtual direction.

Absolute Present 

In theory it would be possible to reach a probable future by jumping into the recent past (in order to have a better perspective and “take a run”) and then into the most probable future (that is a short echo world which is not parallel but projected forward). The actions carried on in the future make the path towards “that” future thicker, as if we had thrown seeds of events or reserved a preferential pathway.

This operation could make an eventual change of path more difficult as the attraction towards “that” future is stronger. Therefore, to avoid any problems in the management of becoming reality it is always better to make a “passive” perspective of the future (divination), because it doesn’t affect any direction.

Actually, the only possibility to travel toward the future is related with the use of the temporal seeds and their ramifications since they develop in all the possible directions, even in our relative future.

Remember that we are not in an absolute present, but on a plain which is separated from a potential original plain (disjunction of plains).

Relative Versus Absolute Present
Travel through a programmed reincarnation made by other "forces" with
the aim to intercept and neutralize the effects of the Age of Aquarius.

This particular position of our plain of existence, which is grafted on the original one, makes the events management (complexity/mass) more flexible than what it is possible to do near the absolute present, when events are completely addressed toward their chronological and linear saturation.

As a matter of fact, from a position which is far from the present we can know, within a limited range, the map of the general temporal context and the sedimentations of the neutral events (temporal mines).

To program a time travel we must also consider the operating spiritual ecosystem in the destination place. When we reach any temporal destination, we enter in relation with the Territorial Forces of that place. As we previously said, these Forces interact with the reality and, from package to package, stabilize and include it in their dimension.

Therefore, when we enter a territory of events which are saturated at a certain level of complexity, our major complexity gives us the power to re-saturate them from the human point of view, but these same events have been also stabilized by divine forces at a different level on which we cannot intervene. To do that, we must harmonize our action with that divine ecosystem, by creating some compatible equilibrium: a super-human energy is needed.

There are two possible “technological” solutions (excluding the case in which our Consciousness can operate).

The first solution is to be connected (initiated) to a harmonic divine system which must be temporally extended in order to guarantee the perfect tuning of our actions with all the temporal ecosystems.

The other possibility is to be able to “use” the incredible energy of that very high spiritual concept we call, like in the myth, “GRAIL”.

Grail is a very high concept, indefinable and indescribable in its essence. We can only say what the Grail is not. In any case, we can imagine it as an inexhaustible reservoir of divine energies.

Grail exists physically even though its form is mutable. The “cup” is its archetype but changes its form according to different situations, conditions and time.
The identification of the Grail with the container of the blood of Christ's passion is a symbol of the energy that purified the world through the sacrifice of Christ (remember that It can also have many others interpretations).

Grail is bound up with this image, but it is more ancient than Christianity. It is a part of a specific knowledge hold by ancient civilizations, even by the antecedents of the Egyptians. It's like a unit of measurement, and it is also a key that allows transmuting any energy into any another.

This Force is necessary for all the theurgic operations 5.

5 The Grail is not an evocable Force, but it makes its way towards the most pure aspects of the Being. This topic cannot be deepened in this context.

As described above, Grail contains all the energies and can convert any energy into any other, in order to permit any possible alchemical and divine transmutation. This way it can harmonize the intervention of the timenaut with the competent territorial divinity.

Any “time machine” is a whole of very complex laboratories, temples and equipments which are connected with the entire energetic structure of the planet and our solar system.

From the magical point of view, a “temple” is a technological facility which is used for several functions, researches and experimentations related with alchemy, mysticism, theurgy, the contact with superior or inner forces, health and operations related with esoteric physics like, for example, inter-dimensional and space-time transfers.

A Temple is authentic only if it is rigorously fostered and kept reserved. Often, in the ancient and even modern history, many temples have been transformed in religious sites, museums or in profitable tourist attractions. A real Initiatic Temple is a crucible of cosmic, telluric, synchronic, physical and subtle, human, alien and divine energies and intelligent forces. It is a field of dimensional distortion, an isolated “bubble” inside which it is possible to obtain extra-ordinary phenomena which transcend any space-time limit and enter in relation with other levels of reality and with superior state of Consciousness. It is a spiritual and inter-dimensional gate.

A Temple is an “induced moment of divine attention”, a dimensional door which has been built in order to use also those geographical peculiarities which make the Temple a “sacred” place in correspondence with synchronic knots of the planet. These are points of convergence between different plains and states of the Being which put in relation the similar with the similar and the high with the low.

These particular characteristics allow the sedimentation of neutral events in a real temporal mine from which it is possible to collect the events needed for temporal actions.

Physical time travel consists in moving the information of the psycho-physic structure of the timenaut to the destination place.

The timenaut (a “quantum” of organized complexity) doesn’t travel backwards on a time track but, through subtle symmetries, it goes out of the time to enter again in the settled point.

Time travel is always a travel in the space as we must find and achieve the destination place in its spatial position at the selected time. The exact position can be found following synchronic lines.

It is not the mass of the body to travel, but rather the information of its structure. Timenaut’s subtle and spiritual components must not be transferred: they are not temporal and are naturally commensurate to its specific physical information.

During the transfer, the body, that is deprived of complexity and disassociated from the mass, “melts”. Its complexity is suitably packaged and isolated and sent to the destination place to “inform” atoms and molecules (available there) to give again shape to the entire body of the timenaut. It is not the mass that travels, but the organized complexity. The physical body disintegrates into a substance similar to water, while in the programmed temporal destination water is the starting element for the reassembly of the timenaut.

Each single quark of the physical structure of the individual is made of eight indivisible micro-components called “matter basic bricks”. One quark can be represented by a sort of Moebius ring. During the time travel starting process, each quark is decomposed in a two-dimensional structure and duplicated.

All the “duplicates” - which are packaged as a complex and stabilized information outside the ordinary time flow - are combined with neutral events which make the original information like asymmetric, re-oriented and sent to the temporal final destination.

That information travels through the lines of symmetry of the reality, running on the ramifications of the temporal vegetation.

Besides the first version of the time-machine in our laboratory there was a pool which collected the body of the timenaut dissolved in the form of water (deprived of his natural complexity). Today this operation is made by managing the level of the humidity of a selected space.

In the cases of travels by possession and short-distance physical travels, the time machine can manage the reception of the timenaut in the destination site and its return as well. Otherwise, precise reception structures are needed in the final destination or even in many intermediate stations, in case the trip must be divided in different legs.

Reception facilities can be built ad hoc, for example by sending possessing-timenauts just to build what is needed for the physical reception. Often, we could count on structures already present in some places or in addresses those terrestrial or extra-terrestrial civilizations which are already equipped with a compatible technology.

In fact, we discovered several civilizations and people which are disseminated along the time (even through a non-chronological distribution) and have literally colonized the time – for many different reasons - just as it was a geographical territory.

We had the opportunity to collect many temporal maps and to draw new maps indicating the position of the reception points, intermediate stations (called “temporal castles”), vortexes and time oxbows, traps, mysterious inaccessible sites, dimensional doors and strategic “straits”. We are discovering the morphology of the Time.

In order to really comprehend the mechanic of the time travel, we have to consider the structure of the matter from the point of view of the esoteric physics.

The record (made by the time machine) of the timenaut’s decomposition and re-composition codes regards the sub-atomic structure of the body and the related complexity. This is the information - kept inside a laser holographic geometry - which is sent. It exits the plain of existence and re-enters it in the selected destination.

It is important not to confuse the temporal direction with the real direction of the Universe, that is the distribution of the events toward the result of complexity.

The point is that we cannot take for grant that the evolution of time automatically follows the ideal evolution of complexity. The more forms are complex, the more they develop a “free will” so that they have the power to cause actions which are not necessarily conform to the nature of the laws: they can subtract value instead to accelerate the potential global evolution (that must not be confused with the mere technological progress).

Temporal Sequence 

“Future” times don’t correspond automatically to higher level of complexity; nonetheless, from the inside, they just proceed toward a progressive saturation of events, from causes to the effects.

When a civilization gets to know and uses time travels, it can develop its history not only by moving in its own spatial territory, but by colonizing discontinuous segments of time. For that people it is a coherent evolution but distributed on different non-chronological temporal territories. This is a “temporal empire”. This concept opens to a completely new sense of what the reality and the history could be.

Time is a navigable territory and it is possible to create a real network of colonies. Moreover, thanks to the discovery of temporal seeds, it is possible to extend travels toward different times in different plains of existence and worlds.

A temporal empire is a multi-dimensional realm, just like the Human Stellar Empire was: from here, from our Earth in this precise time, we can truly recompose that ancient material and spiritual greatness.

We know that universe continuously optimizes its balance in order to obtain the best result (maximum level of complexity) with the minimum investment of energy.

Synchronicity promotes this direction and creates processes of selection of events and of existing plains of reality.

Below a certain level of result, when a space-time sequence doesn’t respect the angle of complexity based on the ratio between complexity-functions-information and events-forms-mass, it is dissolved, decomposed in laws and recycled. Segments of realities and even complete historical ages can suddenly disappear without leaving any clue. Remaining realities are naturally connected each others by compensative cause-effect sequences which make realities coherent, without giving the possibility to any perceiving species to be aware about what happened.

Some “temporal islands” survive in case they are characterized by a level of complexity that is a cut above the average of their flow, and pass the examination: these islands will be surrounded by realities created “ad hoc” and able to link them to one of the next possible sequences.

This “scan” and “defrag” of worlds periodically occurs and guarantees the optimization of the existential processes, according to the required holistic result of complexity.

In the jargon of the esoteric physics this sort of examinations are called as “temporal funnel”: imagine a funnel in which those historical sequences (ages and civilizations) that turn out to be incongruent with the angle of the sustainable complexity fall. At the opposite, beyond the funnel, temporal islands with acceptable complexity survive surrounded by re-organized realities in re-designed spaces.

Nobody can be aware of what happened; nevertheless, sometimes, some archeological incoherence can witness something mysterious.

Accordingly with our current calculations, it is possible that in about 600 years our plain of existence has to face a temporal funnel.

Our “island of complexity” must not only support itself on the plain of the possible but, above all, join an evolutionary continuity beyond the temporal front.

As I already said, not all those people who are working for the “salvation of the planet” (that in any case is a very relative and limited concepts from the Thelemic point of view) are aimed by a truly evolutionary plan of liberation, but rather they want to guarantee the continuity of the human souls breeding, to the advantage of oppressing forces which live and evolve to the detriment of the terrestrial human evolution.

One point of no return could be the 2012, according to many ancient and modern prophecies.

The needed operation is called as “the quest of the temporal island”.

The Quest of Temporal Island 

How is it possible to change the history through the time travel?

Since many years, we have been developing this topic. Our discoveries and interpretation – even of the same phenomena – have been changed according to new levels of knowledge and experience.

Timenaut acts inside an echo-reality running besides the consolidated plain of existence. Therefore, his actions don’t regard the historical process from which the timenaut himself comes and where we eventually want to cause changes since, basically, he is acting on another plain.

When the timenaut comes back to the present, the echo-reality he nourished through his actions and by saturating precise events tends to be naturally absorbed by the main plain, and all the related events are oriented – through automatic compensative events – toward the original historical results. Nevertheless, if that echo-reality is sufficiently complex and constantly or rhythmically nourished, then it can persist sideways the original plain, but without necessarily interfering with it.

This means that at least a flow of events can become sufficiently dense, survive and join our present only if it is sufficiently complex and periodically nourished.

For example, this could happen when the traveler triggers an event that is supported by the natural behavior of peoples: he can pile some stones in the centre of a crossroad which will compel or invite wayfarers to turn or to add other stones to build something…

That place can become a point of permeability between the echo-world and the main plain; this way, new different events can worm in the historical plain.

Now, I cannot list in this book all the information and the variables we have to calculate in order to evaluate if, how and how much a similar action can affect the history and the ethical motivations which can justify this kind of actions: so, let’s keep the explanation just on a theoretical plain.

Another interesting method to cause historical changes regards the possibility for the timenaut to act in a way to not make any absorption or compensation needed. For example, by making actions that cannot interfere with what already occurred: building a construction and hiding or burying it in a way that nobody will have anything to do with this particular object.

That event can permeate inside the historical plain without to really modify it (at least for some time). In fact, if the timenaut, once he is back in the present, sooner or later, digs in that precise place, then that object will be discovered: but, even in this case, its existence begins just from the moment of the timenaut’s return.

The most important strategy regards the possibility to detect key-events by acting on which it is possible to affect a long series of further events and to create a chain reaction able to weigh and fall in the original plain.

Key-events are not easy to detect because we have to go back to a series of causes regardless our limited sense of cause-effect and history. Often, an apparently meaningless event is the real trigger of very important historical facts which seems not to have anything to do with it.

Thanks to thousands of experiments, we have been creating a map of the key-events which are related with those areas of the time we are interested in, according to our type of research and work.

Often, supporting or deleting events is a “contest” against other forces operating in contraposition with the humankind in order to oppose evolution whatever cost.

“Time wars” are fought by saturating events with the higher possible complexity so that they cannot be re-saturated by any other.

Nourishing or dissolving historical sequences: this is a much evolved concept of war, part of the strategies of the so-called “magic war”, a conflict which involves different plains, worlds and unimaginable human, alien, subtle and divine dimensions.

Let’s imagine to have created some interference in the historical plain which is able to cause changes in the past and in our present.
Could we be aware of that?

The answer is: “No”.

As a matter of fact, the whole humanity, included the timenaut, immediately replace - in the consensual memory of the species - something that “it has always been like that”, since what that “was” it has never been once it is removed and replaced with something else.

How could we be aware of some change? If we cannot remember or know a history that, when it is replaced, it never occurred, then which reference point can we have in order to be aware that something changed? Basically, it is not even a change, but something that exists all along.

We found the solution to this problem by building special arks of memory, also called as “temporal compensation chambers”.

Arks of memory are special environments (complex alchemic laboratories isolated from the time) in which we “backup” the historical sequence related with a precise temporal plain just as it is set in the human memory: it is a picture of the “present” time.

These arks are outside the time and are not affected from the interferences caused by the time travel and allow us to measure the mismatch between the previous reality and what the reality is once the timenaut is back.

It is important to underline that changes occur only when the timenaut is back and not during the actions he is making in the past.

Temporal ramifications are the “rail lines” on which travelers move into the time in order to join and act in different locations.

Through the same ramifications that the timenaut uses, the effects he produces reflect themselves directly in the absolute present without interfering with the intermediate sequence of events.

All the paradoxes are nothing but related with a limited subjective interpretation of those actions which are able to put in discussion echo-worlds, re-define which of them has to be considered as a main plain in comparison with all the possible others, and to send just to the “present” the effects of this process.

We have to keep in mind that causes and effects are distributed in different plains of existence.

Temporal ramifications are conductors of events, which can be transferred to different destinations without touching the intermediate sequences of the sequential historical plain.

The aim of time travels is – above all - to consolidate the temporal tissue and to protect our evolutionary reality.

The restored temporal coherence would create also important effects inside of us: for example, the possibility to access memories related with other lives which otherwise would be completely excluded from our possible awareness.

This is a faculty related with our inner sense of memory which makes us sensitive to our simultaneous dilatation along the time, through those roots we call “incarnations”: some of them are crossed by perception of senses (past, current and parallel lives), others prepare themselves to be activated according to what our deep and transcendent essence needs in terms of meanings and experiences, in order to evolve and complete the consciousness of the universe.