5 Best Online Coding Courses & Platforms For Students (2024)

Overwhelmed by the 100s of coding courses and platforms available online? I got you! Here are the 5 Best coding courses & platforms available online for students. 

These affordable courses help young coders learn with hands-on exercises that keep them engaged instead of boring them with theory.

In this article, I have discussed each course in great detail, which will help you gauge its cost, curriculum, availability of certificates, and learning focus.

Let us first start with a quick list that will help you get basic information and course links.

5 Best Coding Courses & Platforms For Students: Quick List

Here is a quick list of the best courses to learn coding and their essential details. Each course’s details start below the table.

Sr. No.Course NameAverage CostPlatformCertificatesCourse Link
1Learn How to Use AI for CodingFreeCodecademyPay for CertificateHere
2OpenAI API Coding with Python$29.99/ MonthCodecademyHere
3Code Crazy Creatures$29/ MonthCode AvengerHere
4Coding TutorialFreeScratchHere
5100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp$109.99UdemyHere

Best Coding Courses & Platforms For Students: Complete Details

Here are the details of the above-mentioned online coding courses suitable for students, along with an estimate of how long it takes to finish the course and its focus.

1. Learn How To Use AI For Coding

Course FocusBeginner
Average PriceFree course, certificate on the paid plan
Time Taken1 hour
Student DiscountAvailable on Codecademy

In the world of AI, students must know how to use AI for Coding, and this course, as the name suggests, is made for that. This beginner-friendly course will help you make the process of learning coding faster thanks to AI.

Learn How to Use AI for Coding
Source- Codecademy

By the end of the “Learn How to Use AI for Coding,” you will also know about Bash commands, how to create regular expressions, test and refactor code, and debug issues that prompt engineering for coding and software development. You can access this course for free, but you won’t get a certification of completion. For that, you need to buy a subscription to Codecademy and couponcode.academy is offering exclusive discounts on its subscriptions that you can claim right now.

2. OpenAI API Coding With Python

Course FocusIntermediate
Average Price$29.99/Month, $14/month if Annual Subscription
Time Taken1 hour
Student DiscountAvailable on Codecademy

Through this Python course, students gain knowledge of advanced AI development.  You will learn to master importing OpenAI, crafting prompts, interacting with GPT-3 models, and fine-tuning responses through few-shot learning.

OpenAI API Coding with Python
Source- Codecademy

Codecademy courses use practical examples and hands-on tutorials that help students learn how to use the knowledge in real life. The explanations are in easy-to-understand language suitable for anyone with no prior knowledge.

3. Code Crazy Creatures

PlatformCode Avengers
Course FocusGrade 1
Average Price$29/Month
Time Taken1 hour
Student Discount

The “Code Crazy Creature” course is a 0-level programming course with drag-and-drop options for children ages 5 to 14. After you finish the course on the Code Avengers platform, students get badges that are interchangeably also called completion certificates.

Code Crazy Creatures
Source- Code Avengers

This is an excellent option for young people interested in programming or coding. Code Avengers will help a child develop an imagination and skills that can help him build a career in the coding field when the time is right.

4. Coding Tutorial On Scratch

Course FocusHelping Children learn the basics of coding
Average PriceFree
Time TakenVaries as per the child’s understanding
Student Discount

With its very fun and attractive User interface, Scratch helps young students create stories, games, and animations they can share with their friends and family. All you have to do is click on the activity you like and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Coding Tutorial on Scratch
Source- Scratch

Like Code Avengers, Scratch is designed to teach future coders between ages 8 and 16, but If you want to teach someone younger how to code, start with lessons on ScratchJr, a simplified version of Scratch designed for ages 5 to 7.

5. 100 Days Of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

Course FocusCreate a portfolio of 100 Python projects
Average Price$109.99
Time Taken65 hours on learning content
Student Discount

This course is not specifically for any age group. Anyone can take it to master skills in 100 days. Each day represents a new process you must learn and finish to move ahead to the task for the next day.

100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp
Source- Udemy

I like this course because the tutor teaches many things using Python, such as how to build games, apps, and websites, automate computer and online tasks, analyze data science, and much more.

3 Tips For Students To Learn Coding

Now that you have details of all the best online learning courses and coding platforms that students can use, here are some tips that can help you learn coding faster and retain information related to coding better. 

  1. Start with the basics of coding. Codecademy provides an in-built platform for this purpose.
  1. Practice daily to help you retain information. Only when you practice the basics and become habitual to them will you be able to advance further.
  1. Join the community of peers and students on whichever platform you choose. These communities are the best places to solve your doubts and read about other students’ experiences that might help you.

Conclusion: 5 Best Coding Courses & Platforms For Students In Age Group 5 To 16 Years!

Children are like sponges, and these 5 courses will help them absorb the knowledge that will lay a strong foundation for learning to code. 

The list contains free and paid courses with and without certificates. Each course is specifically mentioned as it is suitable for children under 16

I have picked the top 5 courses out of hundreds of courses. But if you still cannot pick one, here are my 3 picks and the platforms on which they are available.

  1. Learn How to Use AI for Coding (Codecademy)
  2. OpenAI API Coding with Python (Codecademy)
  3. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp (Udemy)

The wait is now over! Enroll yourself, your child, or your student who wants to learn coding and pave a bright future for them in the field of coding and programming with the help of the best 5 courses today.


Which platform is the best for learning coding?

Codecademy has an in-built coding platform that helps you learn through hands-on exercises. It also has a feature that explains the mistakes you made while coding and gives alternate ways and explanations to help you understand better.

What is the best coding course to learn?

The best way to learn to code is to take a course on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python on top-notch platforms like Codecademy, HarvardX, and KhanAcademy.

Which is the best platform to practice coding for beginners?

One should use Codecademy’s built-in feature to practice coding, which helps repair and fix coding mistakes by making helpful suggestions and giving easy-to-understand explanations.

Which coding is most in demand?

Python, Java, and JavaScript are in-demand coding languages.

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