Teachable Black Friday 2024: Claim 40% Discount (Not Live)

As the holiday season approaches, online course creators often struggle to find ways to stand out and drive sales during the busiest shopping period of the year.

With countless deals and discounts drawing the audience’s attention, it can be challenging to know how to make the most of Black Friday deals. 

Unfortunately, the Teachable Black Friday deals are not live yet. However, this article will provide necessary insights into when they are expected to launch, what the previous year’s offers entailed, and what potential discounts and bonuses we might see this year. Let’s begin!

Teachable Black Friday: Is It Live?

The highly anticipated Teachable Black Friday deals are not yet live

However, based on past trends, the 2024 Black Friday sale will likely go live in the third week of November 2024 and be valid for approximately two weeks. 

In that case, I will update my article as soon as the official platform announces the deal.

2023 Black Friday Offer & Future Predictions

In 2023, Teachable offered an impressive 40% discount on their Pro and Pro+ plans during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. And if you are curious about the Basic Plan, the platform offers 25% OFF on this specific subscription.

2023 Black Friday Offer
Source: Teachable

Building on the success of the 2023 Black Friday sale, we can speculate that Teachable may offer similar, if not better, discounts for the 2024 holiday season. 

Current Available Teachable Discounts

While the highly anticipated Black Friday deals are not yet live, Teachable currently offers two limited-time offers:-

  • MAGIC10 – 10% discount on their Pro monthly plan
  • MC-TEACHABLETURNS10 – $10 off at any plan.

Simply use the coupon code at checkout to claim this discount. 

You can check out the rest of the details, including more offers, in the table below:-

Subscription PlanAvailable DiscountCoupon Code
Pro Monthly Plan$10MAGIC10
Basic and Pro – Annual15%MC-15OFFTODAY
Basic, Pro, Pro+, and Business33%33% OFF on Annual Plans
Business25% (on top of 33% discount)No Code

Except for the 33% automatic discount on plans, you must follow a process to claim the coupon code offers. Here’s how you can do it:-

Step 1: Go to your web browser and open the official Teachable website.

Step 2: You will immediately see a $10 OFF pop-up. 

$10 OFF Discount
Source: Teachable

Step 3: Select the green button that has Save $10 embedded.

Click Save $10
Source: Teachable

Step 4: Choose any plan of your choice. 

Choose Any Plan
Source: Teachable

Step 5: Sign up with your personal details, or you can also log in.

Create Your Teachable Account
Source: Teachable

Step 6: After entering the details, select the tick mark and complete the process by clicking the black button.

Select The Tick Marks And Complete The Process
Source: Teachable

Step 7: Irrespective of the plan you choose while signing up, you will get a new set of plans to upgrade. And unlike the lack of discount visibility in the previous plan, you will see a couple of discounts here. So, choose any plan that you like.

(I recommend Business, considering the double discount you can claim.)

See A Dicount Plan And Choose Any Plan
Source: Teachable

Step 8: Enter your billing details. 

(The code will be automatically applied on the right side of your screen.)

Enter Your Billing Information
Source: Teachable

Step 9: Confirm the subscription by selecting the Upgrade Now button.

Select Upgrade Now
Source: Teachable

Irrespective of your discount, the process for claiming the offer will be the same. The only thing is the manual pasting of coupon codes if they are not directly attached to the subscription plan. 

So, verify all steps and adjust accordingly!

Teachable Subscription Plans And Refund Policy

Teachable offers several subscription plans to accommodate the needs of course creators. Here’s a breakdown of the available options:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (3 months free)
Business$375 (25% discount)$4,491

The Professional Plan billed annually is likely the most cost-effective option for most course creators when considering the Teachable subscription plans. 

At $1,428 per year (equivalent to $119 per month), it provides a significant discount compared to the monthly billing, and the features it includes are well-suited for creators looking to grow their online course business.

Importantly, all Teachable plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the platform risk-free. You can also check the official Teachable Coupons website to access exclusive discounts on your purchase. 

How To Make The Most Of Teachable Black Friday Deals?

When the Teachable Black Friday deals go live, you can incorporate a few strategies to get the best value. You can refer to my tried and tested tips:-

1. Referral Links

Remember to leverage Teachable’s referral program. Through your unique referral link, you can earn $50 in credit for every person who subscribes to a Teachable plan.

Referral Links
Source: Teachable

2. Percent-Based Discounts

Keep an eye out for percent-based discounts on Teachable’s plans, as these can translate to significant savings, especially on the higher-tier offerings like the Pro and Pro+ plans. 

For example, in 2023, Teachable offered a 40% discount on their Pro and Pro+ plans, making them much more affordable for course creators.

3. Bundle Deals

Teachable may offer special Black Friday bundle deals, where you can purchase multiple courses, coaching packages, or digital products at a discounted price. 

These bundles can provide exceptional value for money, as you’ll be able to access a suite of resources at a lower overall cost.

4. Compare Plan Pricing

Take the time to thoroughly compare the pricing and features of Teachable’s different plans, especially during the Black Friday sale. The discounts may make higher-tier plans, like the Pro or Pro+, more accessible and a better value for your needs.

5. Evaluate Your Needs

Reflect on your current and future course creation and selling goals. 

The Black Friday sale may be the perfect time to upgrade your Teachable plan to unlock additional features and capabilities that can help you grow your online course business.

  1. Consider Annual Subscriptions

During the Black Friday sale, Teachable often offers significant discounts on their annual subscription plans. 

By committing to an annual plan, you can lock in a lower monthly rate and enjoy the benefits of Teachable’s platform for the entire year.

Teachable Black Friday: Additional Benefits and Bonuses

In addition to the discounts on Teachable’s various plans, the platform often sweetens the deal by offering valuable bonuses and limited-time benefits.

In previous years, these Teachable Black Friday also included the following benefits:- 

1. Exclusive Webinars

Teachable has provided access to special webinars and workshops led by industry experts, covering topics such as course creation, marketing, and growth strategies. These webinars allow creators to learn from the best and apply those insights to their own businesses.

2. Templates And Resources

Teachable has bundled in downloadable templates, checklists, and other valuable resources to help course creators streamline their workflow.

And that further improves their course design and enhances their marketing efforts.

3. Bonus Courses Or Content

In some cases, Teachable has offered bonus courses, mini-courses, or exclusive content to incentivize users to take advantage of the Black Friday deals. 

These supplementary learning materials can provide tremendous value and help creators expand their knowledge and skills.

4. Creator Mentorship

The Teachable also facilitates opportunities for one-on-one mentorship sessions with successful creators on the platform. 

These personalized coaching sessions can be invaluable for aspiring course creators looking to learn from those who have already achieved significant success.

5. Community Access

Access to Teachable’s exclusive creator community gives you peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities, which can be an additional perk offered during the Black Friday sale.

Conclusion: Teachable Black Friday Deals Are Not Live Yet!

The maximum you can save on Teachable Black Friday is 33% on any of the yearly plans, which does not require you to apply any coupon codes. Overall, Teachable’s current discounts provide an excellent opportunity for you to invest in your online course business. 

However, remember that this year’s Teachable Black Friday deals are live. 

You can expect that to happen by the third week of November. So, keep track of my article till then, as I will update my page. 

Till then claim the available discount that I have mentioned above. You can always discontinue the service, considering the platform’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

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