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The Philadelphia Experiment

One of the most well-known stories about secret experiments in time is know as the Philadelphia Experiment.

1943 it is said that the US Navy was conducting invisibility experiments aboard a ship called the USS Eldridge using Einstein's Unified Field Theory. The objective of this experiment was to make the ship undetectable to radar and while that was achieved, there was a totally unexpected and drastic side effect.

It is said that the ship became invisible to the naked eye and was removed from time and space as we know it. The ship dematerialized in Norfolk Harbor, VA. It materialized in Philadelphia Harbor a full 24 hours later, but there were problems.

Although this was a remarkable breakthrough in terms of technology, it was a catastrophe to the people involved. Out of a crew of 181, 21 survived most only to die a short time later, 40 were dead, and 120 never came back.

Survivors say that not only the ship... but also the sailors had been transported out of this dimension and returned in a state of complete mental disorientation and horror. Some were even planted into the bulkhead of the ship itself. Those who survived were discharged as "mentally unfit" or otherwise discredited and the entire affair was covered up.

The story of the Philadelphia Experiment is of course "officially denied," but it is a very real story. Very real, and very terrible, mainly because denial of the incident also denies the service men who died in the experiment peace.