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The Secret Truth about Time Travel

What the world’s leading time research agencies do not want you to know.

Written by Dr. David Lewis Anderson for What’s Happening Magazine

Nearly five decades of time control
technology research now stands ready
to change our sense of self and reality
After nearly 50 years of research one of the most fascinating scientific breakthroughs in the history of human society is now being realized in government funded research labs around the world. These development efforts have been advancing several types of time control technologies and the results have reached a performance level that is positioning them to change our world and reality in ways difficult to comprehend.

What many people find surprising is that the technologies delivering the results today are not based upon the popular sciences portrayed in media and movies of traveling faster than the speed of light, near light speed, or through wormholes. They are instead based upon the lesser known techniques in spacetime physics of generating fields of closed timelike curves (CTCs) and superluminal propagation of information using quantum tunneling. In different ways these techniques allow the transmission of matter, information or living organisms backward and forward in time without the need to make matter move faster than the speed of light.

These developments offer the potential for tremendous benefit to human society on this planet and also risk. To help manage these developments and opportunities wisely we all should understand some basics of time control technologies and methods, the basis of the most effective technologies, the potential benefits and risks of their use, and also the steps necessary to ensure the protection and benefit to human society on this planet. This article was prepared to provide such a summary.

Ten Ways to Travel through Time

Ten Ways to Time Travel
The ability to control time in both a forward and backwards direction is possible within the laws of our mathematics and physics in several ways. The chart to the right lists and compares ten different time control technologies and methods listed on the left. Key characteristics are identified across the chart for each and described below.

Under each key characteristic is a column with either a solid or empty circle. A solid circle indicates a key characteristic is supported by the indicated technology or method, an empty circle indicates it is not.

"Time Control" indicates whether travel to future, past, or both are possible. "Matter Transport" is solid if both matter and information can be transported; empty if only information can be transported. "Tech Viability" is solid if the technology or method is viable with present state-of-the-art technology or within two generations. "Possible without Exotic Materials" is solid if materials required are available today or within two generations. "Relatively Low Input Power" is solid if time control is achievable within power generation capabilities available today or within two generations.

A summary of this comparison follows below after a short description of each technology and method.

Quantum Tunneling Time Travel Quantum Tunneling: is an evanescent wave coupling effect that occurs in quantum mechanics. The correct wavelength combined with the proper tunneling barrier makes it possible to pass signals faster than light, backwards in time. 
     Gamma-Magnetic Field Time Travel Circulating Light Beams: can be created using gamma and magnetic fields to warp time. The approach can twist space that causes time to be twisted, meaning you could theoretically walk through time as you walk through space. 
Near-Lightspeed Time Travel Near-Lightspeed Travel: has the ability to significantly dilate time, sending an accelerating traveler rapidly forward in time relative to those left behind before her travel. The closer to the speed of light, the further into the future the travel. 
  Wormhole Time Travel Wormholes: are hypothetical areas of warped spacetime with great energy that can create tunnels through spacetime. If traversable they would allow a traveler to quickly move through great distances in space and also travel through time. 
Alcubierre Warp Drive Time Travel Alcubierre Warp Drive: stretches spacetime in a wave causing the fabric of space ahead of a spacecraft to contract and the space behind it to expand. The ship can ride the wave to accelerate to high speeds and time travel. 
  Cosmic String Time Travel Cosmic Strings: are a hypothetical 1-dimensional (spatially) topological defect in the fabric of spacetime left over from the formation of the universe. Interaction could create fields of closed timelike curves permitting backwards time travel. 
Faster-than-Light Time Travel Faster-than-Light Travel: is a controversial subject. According to special relativity anything that could travel faster-than-light would move backward in time. As the same time, special relativity states that this would require infinite energy. 
  Tipler Cylinder Time Travel Tipler Cylinder: uses a massive and long cylinder spinning around its longitudinal axis. The rotation creates a frame-dragging effect and fields of closed timelike curves traversable in a way to achieve subluminal time travel to the past. 
Time-warped Field Time Travel Time-warped Fields: use energy within curvatures of spacetime around a rotating mass or energy field to generate containable and controllable fields of closed-timelike curves that can move matter and information forward or backward in time. 
Casimer Time Travel Casimir Effect: a physical force arising from a quantized field, for example between two uncharged plates. This can produce a locally mass-negative region of space-time that could stabilize a wormhole to allow faster than light travel. 

Time Control Technologies and Methods - Comparison Results

All of these technologies and methods support time control and time travel but only a few can be achieved using the available technology on this planet at this point in time. While traveling at near or faster-than-light speeds is a very popular topic in media or movies the system input power simply cannot be achieved at this point in time.

Wormholes, Tipler Cylinders and cosmic strings also popular subjects in movies but they either remain theoretical or require exotic materials or technologies that will not be available for several generations on this planet. It is important to note that great progress is being made is using the Casimir Effect in attempts to generate and harness wormholes in the quantum foam. But this area of time-control research is quite young and the results are yet to be determined.

The top performers of time control technologies are those less known to the public. These technologies have been the focus of government funded research programs around the world since as early as the 1960s, but kept out of the public eye for many reasons.

These spacetime technologies and methods producing real results include the superluminal transport of information backward in time using quantum tunneling or CTC-based technologies including Time-Warped Field technology, Circulating Light Beams, and different variations of the two. We will take a look at the basic principles behind these technologies but first let’s take a look at global activity in the time research field today.

The list of countries with active time control research programs using the above technologies and methods is quite large and is presented in the table below.

The table presents the countries and organizations that this author has personally met in a scientific capacity for time control technology briefings or joint-development initiatives.

The table lists each country, its leadership ranking, technological competencies and sponsoring agencies. There of course may be other smaller active programs in other countries but these are the major programs to the best of this author’s knowledge.

Country and
Activity Level
1 – India

  Comprehensive, including nearly all technological competencies listed below. India’s time control research program in larger than the rest of the world’s efforts combined.
  Ministry of Science and Technology, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the RAW Intelligence Agency
2 – United States

  Superluminal propagation of information, time-warped field technology, time reactor design, circulating light beams, Casimir effect technologies and longer-term relativistic-based technologies.
  D.A.R.P.A., the Anderson Institute, Princeton, S4 and other private and government funded agencies.
3 – Japan

  Superluminal propagation of information, autonomous control system for time reactor designs, and advanced research into echo and resonance of higher-power time control events.
  Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Educations, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology.
4 – Russia

  Superluminal propagation of information and time reactor development and design.
  Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Education and Science.
5 – South Korea

  Simulation design for both CTC-based technologies and time reactor systems. Development of global Temporal Tremor Detector (TTD) monitoring systems.
  Presidential Council on Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Anderson Institute
6 – China

  Superluminal propagation of information. New entry into the field but expected to grow quickly in both size and scope.
  Ministry of Science and Technology

Superluminal Propagation of Information

Quantum Tunneling Time Travel 
The first key method, pioneered by Russia in the 1960’s, is superluminal propagation of information using quantum tunneling effects. Technologies using this method apply a wave coupling effect that occurs in quantum mechanics. By using the correct wavelength combined with the proper tunneling barrier it is possible to pass signals faster than the speed of light, backwards in time. On the surface some would say this violates Einstein’s special theory of relativity because nothing can travel faster than light because it requires infinite energy. This is true of matter, but not mass-less information. Technologies using this method operate without violating special relativity and can, for example, transmit an information stream out of a tunneling chamber before it finishes entering, backwards in time. However, this technology is limited strictly to information and cannot transmit matter or living organisms.

CTC-Based Technology – The Emerging Leader in Time Control

Time Travel using Closed Timelike Curves
Closed-timelike curves (CTCs) all travel backwards in time
without the need to travel faster than the speed of light
The possibility for reverse time loops to be created where a person or object could travel backwards in time and emerge in their own past is not new. It was first suggested as a possibility by German mathematician Kurt Gödel in the 1940s.

Later Frank Tipler built upon this, discovering a solution to the equations of general relativity prepared by Willem Jacob van Stockum in 1936 and Kornel Lanczos in 1924. In a 1974 paper Tipler showed that in a spacetime containing a massive, infinitely long cylinder which was spinning along its longitudinal axis, the cylinder should create a special frame-dragging effect. See illustration below.

Time Travel to the Past
Illustration of warping of spacetime due to frame-
dragging effects around a rotating cylinder.
This frame-dragging effect warps spacetime in such a way that the light cones (regions of sub-lightspeed travel) of objects in the cylinder's proximity become tilted, so that part of the light cone then points backwards along the time axis (represented by the vertical axis). Therefore a spacecraft navigating a carefully plotted course can travel backwards through time along a closed timelike curve or CTC without traveling faster than the speed of light. This is illustrated as a backwards spiral in time in the lower left corner of the illustration. This is a very large-scale example but is presented because it illustrates the basic principles of how most CTC-based technologies operate.

Since the 1970s the most significant development in this area is the possibility to produce fields of containable closed-timelike curves using much less energy than previously thought required. It has also been learned that these time-warped fields can be harvested from both manmade as well as naturally occurring phenomenon. CTCs and time-warped field theory is now the basis for nearly all practical time control research and development today. It also is a key element and basic principles for new time reactor designs that are being considered for clean energy production.

The Opportunities and Risks of Time Control Technology

It is difficult but important to consider the impact of opportunities and risks of using time control technology. Below are just a few examples of some extreme opportunities and risks for human society.

  • Medical Use for Stasis Fields and Accelerated Research
  • Scholars of the Present Can be Inspired by Information from Future
  • Viewing and Recording History
    Retrieval of Future Cures for Diseases
  • Avoidance of Future Disasters and Suffering
  • The World Can Unite, Learn and Grow Together
  • The Possibility to Save Human Kind
  • Timeline Contamination – History Becomes an Experimental Science
  • Unpredictable Harmful Effects from Complex Interdependencies
  • Redefinition of Individual Lives and Consciousness
  • Transcription Errors in Living Organisms Moving Through Time
  • Global Social Unrest – Collapse of Scientific and Religious Beliefs
  • Global Catastrophe and TIME WARS
  • Extinction of the Human Race

Moral and Ethical Considerations

Time Travel

“We do not see our universe
the way it is.
We see the universe
the way we are.”

Dr. David Lewis Anderson
The range of possibilities with time control technology is so enormous that its impact is only limited by the imagination of those controlling the technology. The level of opportunities and risks that come with the use of the technology are unprecedented in the history of this planet. This puts human society in a very critical position at this point in time.

Ethics demands that the greater our knowledge and power as a society, the greater our need for moral responsibility in the application of that power. We must ensure that our capacity for moral reasoning keeps pace with the developments of our knowledge and capacities. However, with time control technology the gap between moral reasoning and our technological capacity has reached a critical point. The complex web of interdependencies and potential impact to society from using this technology now exceed our present capacity for human reasoning.

So, why don’t all the research labs just stop the operations and bury the technology? It’s too late. The technology is now active in too many locations. The issue is no longer whether we should or should not acquire or use this knowledge and capacity. Rather, the issue is how to use this new knowledge in an ethically responsible manner.

The Solution

The conclusion of this author and many colleagues actively working in this field everyday is that we must begin a four-step approach to ensure human society is protected and benefits from this technology. The steps are:

1. Full Disclosure of Technology - Any new scientific breakthrough that offers commercial prospects attracts tremendous interests and investment from the both the private sector and private enterprise. One cannot underestimate the financial aspirations and power large business, and the political and economical aspirations and power of governments and their desire to keep it secret. However, this barrier must be overcome and full disclosure of all technology, its use, and further development must be achieved.

2. Global Education Initiative – A global education initiative must be implemented to ensure every person has the opportunity to learn, understand and explore the technological developments and knowledge gained from all work in the field.

3. Establishment of a World Time Council – Perhaps the most critical step, we as a human society must establish a leadership group to act as a moral compass. This group must come together and operate across all geographic, political, corporate and spiritual lines and work together with the single goal to ensure the protection of human society and that out planet benefits from the technology use.

4. Monitoring – A global network of Temporal Tremor Detectors (TTDs) must be deployed to monitor and report all activations of time control technology to all citizens. This public TTD network can be efficiently deployed and operated in a space-based configuration around the planet.

For the first time in history this planets very survival demands that we begin to consider ethical responsibility, not just in the application of science, but also in the direction of research and development of new realities and technology. Time control is a perplexing subject, mostly because the first step in understanding it is to understand and overcome the limitations of our body’s senses and perceptions and our mind’s belief system. But the time to begin learning and becoming part of the solution is now. Tomorrow or even yesterday may simply be too late.