Top 12 Engineering Colleges In The USA [2023 Updated]

Want to know which are the Top Engineering Colleges in the USA? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place.

Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most important fields in the world today. As technology advances, the demand for skilled engineers grows alongside it.

The United States has some of the best engineering schools in the world, attracting students from all over the globe. 

Top Engineering Colleges USA

These schools offer various programs, from computer and electrical engineering to civil and mechanical engineering. Many of the engineering schools in the USA have established themselves as leaders in cutting-edge research and innovation.

They offer state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty, and resources that allow students to excel in their respective fields. In this article, we’ll look at engineering schools in the USA and explore what makes them stand out from the rest.

Top 12 Engineering Colleges in the USA:

The process can be quite expensive for students. There are four free score reports for students. So let’s help you shortlist the Best Colleges for Engineering in the USA.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is the top university in the USA. They provide many undergraduate engineering programs like computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and bioengineering. Harvard students get involved in many extracurricular clubs they run, allowing minded students to gather and grow their interests. 

  • The acceptance rate is 9.5% and even lower for their engineering programs. 
  • The cost of attendance is $78,000 – $82,000 with aid available.

2. Stanford University:

Stanford University

Stanford is yet another world-renowned ivy league university. Millions of people apply to college to get a quality education. The starting salary after graduation is exciting for all students. The California college is world-renowned for its computer science courses. The proximity to silicon valley makes it a desirable college for students. Computer, communications, biomedical, and environmental engineering will die to get into college. 

  • The college has $55,905 yearly tuition fees for its students. They offer need-based aid to students. In addition, students might need to pay $13,000 per year after aid. 
  • Stanford has a vast campus size of over 8,180 acres, and students enjoy top-of-the-line facilities. 
  • They have a 5% acceptance rate on all their courses; the acceptance is even lower for top-tier engineering courses. 

3. University of California-Berkeley:

University of California-Berkeley

University of California: Berkeley is a public university known for its engineering courses. State-run universities are cost-effective for US residents. You can get benefits intuition for being a resident of California. The in-state and out-of-state tuition systems apply here because of their government funding. International students have to take up different fees. The college is known for its chemical, civil, computer, electrical, and communications engineering courses.

  • The 17% acceptance rate is low but can be suitable for many. 
  • Attendance costs range from $38,000 to $18,000, depending on the aid you receive. 
  • The average SAT score for UC Berkeley ranges from 1400-1480. 

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is one of the most prestigious ivy league universities in the USA. They have been rated the top engineering school by multiple ranking sites. They have $75 application fees for US residents and internationals. Their course fees vary, but it is $53,450 per year on average. It is the best place to study aerospace, chemical, computer, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineering.

  • MIT is known for its green infrastructure and decent 166-acre campus size and is a tight-knit community of students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
  • The college has a 7% acceptance rate, one of the lowest in the country. 
  • The cost of college after financial aid will amount to $21,000.  

5. Caltech:


California Institute of Technology has developed some of the most excellent engineers in the world. The college is known for its prestigious computer science and statistics program. They tend to be in fierce competition with the Ivy League. 

The private research institute has many engineering buildings and is focused on technology, limiting the campus size to 123 acres, but there is much to explore.

  • The college has an acceptance rate of 8% for all its programs. 
  • The tuition fees can be quite expensive, with initial costs going as high as $73,000. 
  • They offer need-based aid to students with low household incomes. 

6. University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign:

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

UIUC is a high college for students who want to pursue computer science. Their programs are heavily focused and research-intensive. Urbana Champaign is perfect for getting suited to the US climate. The state of Illinois is known for its college. It is also a state-run university, so the locals can benefit more. The tuition fees can be a boon for many students. Internationals, however, end up paying a lot more. 

  • The college has a 62% acceptance rate for all its courses. 
  • The tuition fees can be affordable for many students. The in-state tuition is $30,000, and with the aid, it can go down to $18,000. 
  • They have the best bachelor’s in engineering programs in the USA. 

7. Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon University

CMU is the alma mater of many giants in the tech world. They have produced alums who have gone on to change the world. The private research university is situated in Pennsylvania. It is one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the world. They are well known for their research-based computer engineering, aerospace, and biomedical sciences programs. 

  • CMU has an acceptance rate of 22% for its courses. 
  • The college can be quite expensive, with fees being $72,000 per year. It is also quite challenging to get aid. 
  • They have a small campus size of 140 acres. 

8. Georgia Institute of Technology:

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is a public university in Atalanta, home to one of the best CS programs. 

The college campus is always full of joy. It is your call if you want to become a successful coder and rock silicon valley. GaTech will change the way you see education. The average SAT scores are 1450-1500, which is quite high in the spectrum. Students need to be on their A-game during applications.

  • They have an acceptance rate of 23% for all their applicants. The CS program is more competitive. 
  • The state-run university is affordable for many students. Their fees are $30,000 before aid. 
  • The average salary for a CS grad from GaTech is $90,000 per annum. 

9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor:

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

UMich Ann Arbor is known for its mechanical engineering programs. The college is home to the oldest football stadium in the country for the college scene. The public university is quite a place for locals. Internationals are attracted to the college for job opportunities in the automobile sector.

Michigan has the headquarters of all major car manufacturers in the country, and their CS and aerospace engineering programs are also quite helpful.

  • Their acceptance rate is quite high, at 27% for all courses. 
  • The state-run college gives need and merit-based aid to students. 
  • Tuition fees range from $30,000 to $14,800 yearly. 

10. University of Southern California:

University of Southern California

USC is a prestigious private research university in the state of California. Their main campus is situated in the city of Los Angeles. 

It is only a few kilometers away from Silicon Valley. Their engineering courses are quite popular among young elites. The expensive tuition fees make it accessible to a limited amount of people. It is a famous study hard and party harder school in the USA.

  • They have an acceptance rate of 16% for their courses. 
  • The tuition fee is $74,000 before aid, which is difficult to get. 
  • The 226-acre campus has all the amenities you need for study and fun in college. 

11. The University of Texas at Austin:

University of Texas

Austin, Texas, is becoming a technology hub because of the public university. Over the years, their computer engineering and computer science programs have developed a lot. Texas is also great for studying mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering. UT Austin has a fellowship program for its science students. The 437-acre campus can be your home for four years of college. 

Overall, it is a great place with a better engineering program, with the starting salary for CS grads being around $100,000 per annum.

  • The acceptance rate is 36% for all their courses. 
  • The cost of attendance is affordable and ranges from $28,000 to $40,000, depending on your state of residence. 
  • Their fellowship program gives you a breakthrough in the industry. 

12. Yale University:

Yale University

Yale is an ivy league university, but it is mainly known for its liberal arts program. Engineering degrees are also very prestigious at the university. 

The beautiful campus is situated in New Haven, Connecticut. It is one of the oldest private research universities in the country. They are known for their aerospace, mechanical, computer, environmental, statistics, and chemical engineering courses.

  • The acceptance rate is 9% and even lower for their engineering programs. 
  • The cost of attendance is $75,000 without aid. 
  • The Alumni pool of ivy league college gets you accepted in major job offers. 

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Engineering is a top course in US colleges. As a student right out of high school, it can be a difficult journey to select a university. We hope this guide was able to help you with the decision-making process. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a college. After careful and thorough research, we came up with the list.

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