Is The Earth Flat? Proof and Theory

Some of the researchers believe that the Earth is flat in shape. They say, when you walk in and around on the Earth’s surface, it will look and feel like it is flat. So, they feel what most people feel about the Earth to be round in shape is actually not correct.

The belief that the Earth is flat is an ultimate conspiracy theory. This belief is accepted by The Flat Earth Society. These people believe that Earth is flat as they are fleshing out the theory on their website, and also they have spoken in media and interviews about it.

Is the Earth Flat? Believed by who?

To be honest, it is not only the scientist or the researchers alone who believe that the Earth is flat. In fact, there are many celebrities as well who have the same beliefs and believe that the Earth is Flat.

Let’s take an example of a rapper-singer Bobby Ray Simmons Jr. also known as B.o.B, had released a track in 2016 which is called Flatline in which he disses astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

B.o.B believes that the Earth is flat. Once the rapper had tweeted “No matter how high in elevation you are.. the horizon is always eye level.. sorry cadets. I didn’t wanna believe it either.”

Former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal had proclaimed in a podcast that had aired around 2017 that our home planet is flat. He said that when he drives from Florida to California “it’s flat to me.” Though, Shaq later said he was just kidding.

A YouTuber like Marble posted a video on YouTube in 2017 and said that he brought a spirit level aboard a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Seattle, Washington, to see whether the plane’s nose would dip to compensate for the curvature of the world, he said.

On the video, he said that he recorded a 23 minute and 45 second time lapse, which by those measurements means the plane traveled a little over 203 miles.

The Zetetic Method Theory:

This theory is called The Zetetic Method which is an alternative to the scientific method which was developed by a 19th century flat-earther, in which sensory observations reign supreme.

In the Zetetic view, the perception that Earth flat leads to the result that it must actually be flat.

Zetetic methods were flourishing in England around 1800. The meaning of Zetetic is seeker or skeptic. Flat-earthers took this name to symbolize their views of the shape of the earth.

Samuel Birley Rowbotham (1816-1884), who was a 19th century religious fundamentalist, had promoted the flat earth philosophy. He is a well known figure in history. He wrote under many pseudonyms like Tryon, S. Goulden, Parallax, and Dr. Birley. His major work was Earth Not a Globe which was written in around 1849.

John Hampden (1819-1891), had founded the Truth-Seeker’s Oracle and Scriptural Science Review in about 1876. He had also promoted the flat earth idea in England. In around 1870, Hampden made a bet with naturalist Alfred Wallace which was on the outcome of a test of the flatness of water in the Old Bedford Canal. Both sides tried the test to confirm their views, and flat-earthers to this day assert that water surfaces have been proved to be flat.

There were also other flat-earthers who were active during this time. William Carpenter wrote One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is not a Globe in about 1885.

Lady Blount, who was the wife of Sir Walter de Sodrington Blount, promoted flat earth ideas as well. She founded and also edited a journal Earth from 1900 to 1904.

Scotsman John Alexander Dowie (1847-1907) studied at Edinburgh University, then later on he established a pastorate nearby to Sydney Australia, and he included flat earth dogma in his theology.

The Earth was flat in Zion:

In around 1888, Scotsman John Alexander Dowie – (1847-1907) got these ideas to America, where he also founded the Christian Catholic Church in Chicago. Dowie was known as a faith healer. 

The church kept growing, and Dowie finally had realized his dream of founding a Christian community in around 1901. As the community grew rapidly, Dowie slowly moved away from the simple life he had earlier been living. Later on, he resided in a 25 room mansion and also designed for himself magnificent ecclesiastical robes.

All the community members thought as if he was putting on too much style and because of that, his wife was criticized as well. In around 1906, after he suffered a stroke, Dowie was forced to resign his position.

NASA conspiracy and every other of it are just rationalizations for a way which may add practice.

Conspiracy theory psychology:

Expert psychologist Karen Douglas who studies the psychology of conspiracy theories, says that flat-earthers beliefs are the same with those of other conspiracy theorists she has already studied.

She had said all conspiracy theories share a basic thrust – They present an alternative theory about an important issue or event and construct a vague explanation for why someone is covering up that true version of events.

Honestly speaking, Flat-earthers are more adamant that the Earth is flat and try to prove it than most people are that the Earth is round. Maybe because they feel they have nothing to prove.


The flat Earth concept is about the Earth’s Shape. Many ancient people held to a belief that the Earth is flat in shape, including people of Greece until the classical period, 

India until the Gupta period and China until the 17th century.

Everybody in this group has got their top conspiracies. You can walk around door to door or near them and those conspiracies would differ from person to person for sure. But, if you ask them about the Earth, everybody’s number one is always flat Earth as they all believe in Earth shape to be flat.

Despite the scientific fact that the shape of Earth is round, flat Earth conspiracy theories have emerged by the modern flat earth society, and its increasing by individuals who use social media and growing rapidly because of that.

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