Is Time Travel Possible? Explained Everything

As far as we all know, traveling back in time is next to impossible. You can’t even send information back in time, because it can change things that have already happened, which is impossible.  For example, you broke your leg while cycling. What if you could have traveled back in time and tell yourself to not go cycling on that day? 

If you were successful to do so, you would never fall and break your leg. At times, we all desire to go back in time and solving a number of our problems.

Time travelling may be a very confusing concept for all people. That’s because once we are in the present time, we expect everything to be in their right place without any issue. If we could travel back in time and just change a few things that happened before, we might then change the order of that line. So, that is basically breaking a rule which is called causality.

By Causality we mean it as a cause like your actions, for example, happens before an effect – the results of your actions. In our cycling example, the cause is falling, and therefore the effect is breaking your leg – which happens because you fell down while cycling.

Causality is one of the rules of the universe that cannot be broken no matter what. If you break it, it might have very difficult consequences for the universe and all the people around us. So, scientists think that because the universe has this particular rule, traveling to the past must be just next to impossible or else the rule would be broken all the time.

Many of us have this question in our mind like Can we really travel back in time? This question is in fact a very difficult question to answer. Recent investigations into this question have provided us some evidence that the solution is usually no, but it’s not yet been proven to be impossible though. Even there are many physicists who still study if time travel is really possible, not only whether it’s going to be possible but also how one might do the same.

Well, not all scientists believe that time travel could also be possible. There are a number of them that even say that an effort would be very serious to any human who chooses to undertake it.

What can we understand by Time?

While most people consider time as a continuing that keeps moving forward, famous physicist Einstein showed us that it is actually an illusion; it is relative and that may be different for various observers counting on your speed through space.

As per Einstein, time is known as the fourth dimension, and Space is actually described as a three-dimensional arena, which provides a traveler with coordinates like the length, width, and height which shows location also. Time provides another coordinate like direction, although being honest as per our research it is known, it only moves forward. Also, the theory says that time is actually real.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity says that time slows down or accelerates counting on how briskly your progress relative to something else. Approaching the speed of sunshine, an individual inside a spaceship would age much slower than his twin who is at his own house at the very same time. Also, Gravity can bend time according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Let’s say, a four-dimensional fabric is called space-time. When anything that has mass sits on a piece of cloth, it may cause a dimple or a bending of space-time to it. The bending of space-time causes objects to be on a curved path and that part of space is what we all know as gravity.

Both the overall and special relativity theories are proven with GPS satellite technology that has the correct timepieces on board. The consequences of gravity, also because of the satellites’ increased speed above the world relative to observers on the bottom, make the clocks gain 38 microseconds each day.

In a sense, this effect, called time dilation, which basically means astronauts are time travelers, as when they return to Earth they do return very, very younger than their identical twins or any younger sibling that remains on the earth.

Time Travel Theories:

As we know, popular scientist Einstein’s theories appear to form time travel a bit difficult, so some groups of researchers have proposed alternate solutions to leap back and forth in time.

Black Holes:

Another possibility can be to move a ship around a region or to artificially create that condition with a rotating structure.

Around and around they would go, experiencing just half the time of everyone that is at the distance from the very black hole. The ship and its crew could be traveling through time – physicist Hawking wrote within the Daily Mail around 2010.

Imagine they circled around the region for about five of their years. Ten years would pass elsewhere. And once they come back home, everyone on Earth would have aged five years quite that they had.

However, he also said, the crew would wish to travel around the speed of light for this to work out. Physicist known as Amos Iron at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel acknowledged another limitation to it, if one used a machine: It may break before even having the ability to rotate that quickly.

Cosmic strings:

For potential time travelers, there is another theory that involves something called cosmic strings which are basically narrow tubes of energy stretched across the whole length of the ever-expanding universe. These thin regions which are known to be left over from the first cosmos are also known to contain huge amounts of mass and thus could warp the space-time around them.

According to most of the scientists, Cosmic strings are either infinite or they are in loops, without any ends. The approach of two such strings parallel to every other would bend space-time so hard and in such a configuration which may make time travel possible in theory too.

Infinite cylinder:

Astronomer Frank Tipler proposed a mechanism that is also known as Tipler Cylinder where one would take those matter that is10 times the sun’s mass and then roll it into a very dense cylinder.

After it is spinned up a couple of billion revolutions per minute, a spaceship nearby which follows a really precise spiral around this cylinder can get itself on a “closed, time-like curve”, However, as per the Anderson Institute. There are limitations in this method as well, Also, it includes the very fact that the cylinder must be long for this to figure.

Can we travel through Time Machines?

Normally we understand that traveling forward or back in time would require us a tool that is known to be a time machine to get you there be it travel back to a time or travel forward.

Usually, machine research involves bending space time that point lines turn back on themselves to make a loop which is technically referred to as a closed time-like curve.

In other words, time machines are thought to be a wish for an exotic sort of matter with so-called negative energy density. Such exotic matter has bizarre properties, including moving in the other direction of what the normal matter is when it is pushed. Such matter could theoretically exist, but if it did, it would be present only in quantities too small for the development of a machine.

However, time travel research suggests that time machines actually are possible without exotic matter. 

The work starts with a doughnut-shaped hole enveloped within a sphere of normal matter. Inside this doughnut-shaped vacuum, space-time could get bent upon itself using focused gravitational fields to make a closed time-like curve. Well, to go back in time, a time traveler would basically race around inside the doughnut, going further back to the past with each lap. This theory features a number of obstacles, however.

The gravitational fields required to form such a closed time-like curve would need to be strong enough as well as manipulating them would need to be very precise.


While time travel doesn’t seem to be possible, within the sense that humans would survive it with the physics that we use today, the sector is constantly changing in our time. Maybe some advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide us some understanding of the way to overcome time travel paradoxes soon enough.

One possibility, however, might not necessarily cause time travel, is to solve the mystery of how certain particles can communicate instantaneously with one another which is faster than the speed of light. In the meantime, however, interested time travelers can experience it differently through movies, television, and books as what they show are totally different as compared to what is in real life.

So, by this, we know Time travel may be real. But it is never actually like what we have seen in the movies. It might be possible to experience time passing at a special rate than 1 second per second and there also are some important reasons why we would like to know this world sort of time travel.

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