25+ Free Harvard University Courses to Learn Online

It might come as a surprise, but Harvard University has over 140 classes available for the public, free to attend. Similarly, you have thousands of courses lying in their database for you to enroll into. It is available on online course provider edX and also on Harvard’s official website. So let’s dive deep to find out free Harvard University courses to learn online.

Free Harvard University Courses To Learn Online

However, to help you ease up searching for the most relevant and useful free online courses, we have decided to compile this list. While you might have to pay a fee to get the certificate, these are more than available for you to take advantage of.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of these online courses that will add to your experience and make you a well-versed professional for any business:

The List Of Best Free Harvard University Courses:

Here is the list of the best 25 free Online Courses from Harvard University: So let dive into the list:

1. Introduction To Game Development (CS50)

Are you searching free Harvard University Courses to learn online? Here is the complete list of 25 best free Harvard University Courses.

If you’re interested in learning how to develop games, this is a great place to start. You will look at some of the popular games like Super Mario, Pokemon Go, and Angry World. The course will highlight some important aspects and get familiar with the games’ 2D and 3D development.

2. Introduction To Computer Science (CS50)

Another great course available for those who don’t know anything about computer science. Even if you don’t have any foundation, the course will get you up to speed. Therefore, you will become ready to remark on a journey to learn programming and other courses to become a professional.

3. Web Programming With Python And Java Script (CS50)


It is the continuation of the previous course, but now in-depth. It will explain the various programming languages, bootstrapping, SQL, and other development. Essentially, you will learn primarily about web development for well-versed qualifications in the field. It is a good course to get started.

4. Introduction To Artificial Intelligence With Python


AI is becoming a significant part of our lives. If you want to learn about its potential in our lives and Python’s relevance, this is a great course. It is quite an introductory take to help you realize what you can achieve through AI.

5. Data Science: R Basics


Data Science is the next big thing, and the ‘R’ platform is quite a robust tool available for people to use. This course will teach how to utilize R for basic analytics, wrangling data, and visualization. Overall, you will build a strong foundation for future courses.

6. Data Science: Machine Learning


In this free online course, you will learn the basics of machine learning. It will prepare you to perform cross-validation to prevent overtraining of the machine learning. There will be access to popular algorithms. Finally, you will learn to build a recommendation system that you can implement anywhere.

7. Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles


A great course to learn leadership. You will learn how to identify and solve complex leadership challenges. There will be a clear distinction between formal and informal authority. You will understand the perspectives of people and how to build or renew trust in relationships.  Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses to evaluating others is an essential course to build a strong leadership foundation.

8. Rhetoric: The Art Of Persuasive Writing And Public Speaking


This is a fantastic course for anyone seeking to build influential and effective communication skills. It works on building arguments and understanding diplomacy. More importantly, it takes American politics as a basis with history and much more to ensure you retain proper expertise.

9. Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies


This is a brilliant course for anyone looking to build a business or seek business opportunities in fast-growing markets around the globe. You will get some ideas and solutions for entrepreneurship problems. Finally, it will teach you how to find and evaluate these opportunities.

10. Contract Law: From Trust To Promise To Contract


An intermediate-level course on contract laws and their legalities. The course will inform you about contracts, how to make them, impose them, among other things. You will learn about their limits and how to read the contract properly.

11. Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, And Ethics Of Reproductive Technologies And Genetics


This one is quite a fantastic choice for anyone in the health industry or wants general knowledge of the health and medicine industry. It highlights the ethics, legalities, and rights of reproduction through artificial methods. Overall, it is quite insightful.

12. Down Syndrome: Health Care Updates For The Primary Care Pediatrician


The course brings you the latest updates regarding Down Syndrome, especially for pediatricians. It enables them to diagnose and identify the syndrome. They can learn the cause and provide evidence-based treatments or medications for proper care. You receive complete healthcare guidelines regarding down syndrome.

13. Calculus Applied


Have you ever wondered about what is the real-life use of Calculus? Then this is the course for you. It explores the real-life examples of practices in calculus. You will receive a complete walkthrough and understanding of calculus in different industries and learn it through real-life examples for better understanding. The course breaks through the norm of the textbooks for comprehensive learning.

14. Introduction To Probability


Learn everything about probability and how it can predict unpredictability and random occurrences. In this course, the probability will correlate to statistics and data science for a better understanding. Therefore, you will learn how to make predictions and utilize probability to solve complicated problems.

15. Energy Within Environmental Constraints


The course is environmental studies 101, where you learn about our current energy sources’ impact on the environment. You will learn about air pollution, climate change, and other threats looming. More importantly, you will gain education regarding the working of various energy sources and the mechanism.

16. Prescription Drug, Regulation, Cost And Access


Prescription drugs and FDA’s ruling on it have always been controversial. This course brings you an in-depth understanding of the FDA, its history, and prescription drugs. You will learn about various controversies and also the regulations of the FDA.

17. The Architectural Imagination


Here you have an excellent introductory course for architecture. Whether you’re a professional or a student, you will learn how to analyze other architectures and understand various representations. You will learn how to develop your designs and the principles to follow. The course takes several existing architectures in context.

18. Justice


Justice is one of the most popular and famous courses taught at Harvard University. In this course, you will learn about different types of justice (Criminal and Social). The course also highlights the political, philosophical, and social relevance and impact on the justice system. Furthermore, it also highlights recent problems and challenges of justice.

19. PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude


Learn everything about the navigation and its functioning. It is a good choice for Humanities subjects as you learn about the position, direction, speed, various navigational tools, even the use of stars, moon, sun, and other navigational aids.  The course takes you on a trip to history for comprehensive learning.

20. MalariaX: Defeating Malaria From The Genes To The Globe


Malaria has been one of the primary focuses in the health and medicine sector. For the students of the subject, this course highlights all the possibilities of eliminating Malaria. Social, political, economic, and historical contexts provide a clear understanding. Furthermore, students will learn about malaria in-depth.

21. PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies


If divination, predictions, and other similar practices fascinate you, then PredictionX will be a fantastic topic to cover and learn about. It showcases the historical significance and explores various cultural practices for predicting the future, making prophecies, among other similar practices. Furthermore, the relevance to science also gets some light.

22. Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs


The Post-pandemic era is going to be critical for the health and wellness sector across the globe. The course explores the potential of community health care workers. It showcases various strategies and methods to ensure optimum efficiency and proper results for long-term sustenance. For anyone seeking to build a healthcare organization, it is a great option to choose.

23. Introduction To Digital Humanities


A course that explores the correlation of humanities with digital science. You will learn about digital humanities, various tools to utilize for it, and how to create, gather and organize data. Overall, it is about learning data analytics for humanities.

24. Nonprofit Financial Stewardship Webinar: Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements


A fantastic source for business studies and financial subjects. The course introduces nonprofit accounting and financial statements. You learn about various concepts regarding it. Thus, you can become a well-versed professional in the financial sector for many non-profit organizations worldwide.

25. Shakespeare’s Life And Works


The course is for literature lovers and those who admire great writings and play. It highlights the significance of Shakespeare and the relevance of his plays. You will learn how to read them properly and insight into how his plays were treated during his time. Overall, it is quite a compelling course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can You Get These Online Courses For Harvard University?

The courses are available on two different websites. You can visit the official Harvard website here. It covers most of the relevant topics and the latest courses available. Alternatively, Harvard has been a partner of the EdX program, known as HarvardX. You can find it here.

Are These Courses Completely Free?

It depends on the course that you want to learn. Most of them are free to learn or browse online. However, you might have to pay some money to get the official certification or explore extra content. So, make sure to conduct your research. Despite that, if you aim to gain knowledge from the very best, free is never a bad idea.

Can You Take These Courses Anytime?

Once again, it would depend on the course. Some of them have a fixed schedule and timing for classes. After all, you might even get to go online and attend these classes. Alternatively, you will have some courses available for you to take as you wish. These are shorter courses, and you can complete them at your pace. It would depend on the e-learning module you choose.

What Is A Verified Certificate In Harvard Online Courses?

Upon completing the course, if you want to get proof of your learning, you’d have to get a verified certificate. However, it will cost a hefty sum of money. You will get charged, but it could positively impact your resume, and you can use it almost anywhere once you get the proof of qualification. It is worth the while.

Free Harvard University Courses To Learn Online

That covers up a wide range of free online courses available from Harvard University for you. We covered various online courses, including computer science, education, healthcare, data, history, self-help, and various unique subjects. We hope that these courses will assist you in accumulating essential skills and knowledge. Of course, while these are free online courses, you would have to pay for them accordingly if you need a verified certificate.

Either way, these are all fantastic for you to keep learning and to grow over time. Some of them are short-termed, while others might extend for weeks.

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