Quillbot Review 2022: Is It The Best Grammarly Alternative?

Since its release in 2017, Quillbot has been at the top of the public interest list for AI-powered writing tools. Given that it has features that are all available for free, leaving all competing AI writing tools in the dust, this is not entirely surprising. This online writing tool has a wide range of exciting functions, which we have chosen to discuss in the below article. 

Quillbot Review - Anderson-Institute

We tried Quillbot, considering its hype and the exceptional reviews we saw online. But, after using the tool, we decided to review the tool for our readers based on our experience and honesty!

Additionally, we have noted its pricing and a list of the individuals it is most appropriate for. At last, we have discussed if using Quillbot is worthwhile.

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Quillbot Review: In a Nutshell

If you do not want to read the whole review, look over the nutshell below to get an overview.

Quillbot official
FeaturesUser-friendly interface, Seven Quill modes, Google docs, MS word, and google chrome Extensions, Recommends synonyms, Offers AI functionalities, and Summarizes content.
Plagiarism checkerChecks duplicate content through articles, blogs, and research papers too.
Paraphrasing toolParaphrases content in 5 modes: Standard, fluency, formal, simple, creative, expand and shorten modes.
Grammar checking toolChecks and corrects grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, word misuse, etc.
Summarizer toolSummarizes long-form content into main points and a short overview.
PriceIt starts from USD $4.17 monthly.
Who should use Quillbot?Academic writers, essayists, social media influencers and students.

If you are unsatisfied with the nutshell above, then slide below to get a detailed review of Quillbot.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-writing software or a paraphrasing tool specially designed for people willing to enhance their writing by giving it a suitable tone and voice using relevant synonyms and rephrasing modes. Furthermore, Quillbot offers many other options to its users, including grammar checking, content summarizing, plagiarism checking, etc., making it a time saver software.

Quillbot: Features

Quillbot offers excellent features to its users. We decided to handpick them for you below.

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface to its users.
  • Paraphrases content into various tones using modes; standard and fluency modes are available for free, whereas formal, simple, expand, shorten and creative ways for paid plans.
  • Recommends various synonyms for words to make writing more professional.
  • Google docs, MS chrome, and Google chrome Extensions are available.
  • Summarizes long content into an overview with bullet points.
  • Developer API provides AI functionalities to improve writing.

Quillbot: Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot offers plagiarism checker tools to its users with its paid plan, where users get to scan 20 pages each of 5000 words monthly. What makes Quillbot plagiarism checker stand out amongst the crowd of other plagiarism checkers in the market is its ability to check plagiarism not just through content, including blog articles, etc., on the internet but through research papers too. It thoroughly checks your content, making sure it’s completely original.

Quillbot: Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

Quillbot is famous for its ability to paraphrase content into different tones and voices. The seven modes offered in the paraphrasing tool are standard, fluency, expand, shorten, formal, simple, and creative. Unfortunately, the free users get access to only fluency and standard modes. Moreover, the ease of paraphrasing your content by copying, pasting your content, or uploading a doc makes Quillbot an excellent AI writing assistant.

Quillbot: Grammar Checking Tool

Grammar Checking Tool

Quillbot provides grammar-checking tools to its users, making it an all-in-one writing software where users can check any grammatical error, wrong spelling, word misuse, punctuation, etc., without even signing up on Quillbot. By copy-pasting your content in the Quillbot bar, you are shown all the grammatical errors in your content; you can click on the “Fix All Errors” to correct all the mistakes in the content. 

Moreover, Quillbot’s AI-powered grammatical checker tool checks and corrects the slightest bit of your content to make your writing trustworthy.

Quillbot: Summarizer Tool

Summarizer Tool

A summarizer tool is a unique tool present in quillbot designed for people looking to get an overview of their long-form content, including formal emails, research papers, news articles, etc., with a length slider option available to adjust the length of the summary. The summarizer tool on Quillbot summarizes your content in two ways noted below.

Key Sentence:  The key sentence mode in the summarizer tool of Quillbot summarizes your content in the form of key points or key sentences, making it easy to digest the content

Paragraph: Your content is summarized into a paragraph without disrupting its original context with the help of the paragraph mode of the quillbot summarizer tool.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot offers a free plan to its users with sufficient features. The features in the free quillbot plan are.

Quillbot pricing plan
  • 125 words for paraphrasing.
  • Two free writing modes.( standard and fluency)
  • Three synonym choices.
  • One freeze phrase or word.
  • 1200 summarized words.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing of the Quillbot premium plan.

Annual$4.17 USD per month
Semi-annual$6.66 USD per month
Monthly$9.95 USD billed monthly

You are provided with a 100% money-back guarantee within three days of purchase of the premium Quillbot plan if you change your mind after buying it. You also get the unique advantage of pausing your subscription during a break.

The paid plan of quillbot gives a ton of features to its users, including.

  • Unlimited words for paraphrasing.
  • Access to all seven quill modes.
  • Four synonym choices.
  • Unlimited freeze phrases and words.
  • Six thousand words in the summarizer.
  • Fast processing speed.
  • Advanced grammar rewrites.
  • Plagiarism checking.
  • Compare modes. (desktop only)

Who Should Use Quillbot?

Quillbot is a fantastic paraphrasing tool helpful to every individual who needs a better content writing style with additional features like plagiarism checking, grammar checking summarizing, etc. Still, it’s best suited for the following people.

  1. Academic writers

Academic writers should opt for Quillbot to give their writing a more professional touch. The feature of plagiarism checking in research papers best suits academic writers needing clear, concise and original content with fancy synonyms.

  1. Students

Students searching for an AI writing assistant for their university assignments should go for Quillbot due to its ability to give a standard tone to your writing. It’s a great help in terms of cross-checking your long assignments too.

  1. Essayists 

Quillbot corrects any mistake in your content and provides different modes helpful for essayists to set a correct tone for debates. Furthermore, it makes a speech appear more fancy and professional.

  1. Social media influencer

Social media influencers are always under the eyes of several social media users, and writing long and boring posts with wrong grammar is miserable for such famous personalities. Here, Quillbot is a life-saver for summarizing long posts and cross-checking them with AI tools.

Quillbot Review: Pros and Cons 

Despite many features, we have found many pros & cons in Quillbot. Let’s have a deep dive into it.


  • Check grammatical errors 
  • Offers a free plan as long as you want to use 
  • Offers video caption generator 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Offers money-back guarantee 
  • MS Word, Chrome extensions, and Google docs are available 


  • Limitation of characters in paid & free plans 
  • Need to upgrade customer support 

Is it Worth Using Quillbot?

A clear and straight answer to this question is. Yes, Quillbot is worth using, whether it’s the free plan or the budget-friendly paid one. Quillbot gives fluency to your writing and makes it more presentable, checking the grammatical errors in the free plan and plagiarism checking and summarizing your content with the paid plan. The only dissatisfaction users find in Quillbot is its word limitation available in the free plan. However, this won’t fade its various advantages of making your boring and informal content more professional and interesting.

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Summing Up! Quillbot Review

We’re going to end here. Hopefully, by this point, you have a firm understanding of Quillbot. Each component of Quillbot is thoroughly explained in the article above. If you are a writer or need assistance with your writing, we highly recommend using Quillbot, a superb paraphrase tool with additional features. If you want a past perfect article, blog, newsletter, etc., you can use Quillbot’s free plan, but paying for the paid plan is a terrific choice if you’re a professional writer. We hope the above article has effectively reviewed Quillbot for you. Do share your thoughts about QuillBot in the comments section below.


How many people can use Quillbot with its paid plan?

Only a single account can use Quillbot with its paid plan.

What is the word limitation on free Quillbot use?

The word limitation on Quillbot is 125 words for its free plan.

Will Turnitin detect Quillbot?

No, Turnitin cannot detect Quillbot due to its inability to see paraphrased content, and Quillbot focuses on paraphrasing content.

Is Quillbot worth using?

Absolutely! Quillbot is excellent for students, writers, and professionals who want to write content quickly, need a grammarly checker, and plagiarism checker. It serves as an all-in-one solution!

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