11 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best online plagiarism checker tools? Here is the list of the 11 best online plagiarism-free and paid tools you can choose for yourself.

Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarism in the content is a serious cause of concern. Unfortunately, neither Google ranks the content as having plagiarism nor website owners. Even the professors don’t accept the plagiarised assignments these days.

Hence, it would be great to pass the content from these plagiarism detectors and remove the plagiarised content. However, the question is, which plagiarism tool should you choose? Free or paid? Are free tools reliable for detecting plagiarism?

We’ve listed here the best plagiarism checker tools you can use based on your needs to get the answers. So let’s have a look.

Best Online plagiarism checker Tools – List Of Top 11

Here is a list of the best online plagiarism checker tools you must know. So, without getting late, let’s have a look.

1. Grammarly:

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Grammarly Overview

Grammarly is the best tool for detecting plagiarism in the content. However, it’s more than just a plagiarism detector; it’s an automated proofreader tool that helps correct the grammar chaos and allows you to write impeccable content.

Very easy to use. However, the plagiarism detector feature is available with a premium version. This means you need to spend a decent amount to leverage the feature. Nevertheless, the tool is excellent for bloggers, writers, and academic writers.

Pros & Cons Of Grammarly:

Here we have listed the Pros & Cons of Grammarly. Let’s have a look.


  • Highest accuracy level.
  • Excellent for grammar checking and detecting plagiarism.
  • Available in free and paid versions.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers a discount for students.


  • The free version doesn’t offer you a plagiarism checker

2. CopyScape:

Copyscape Overview

Finding plagiarism from the content only takes a few seconds with Copyscape. Upload the URL or document, and it finds plagiarism quickly. Trusted by so many content writer teams and agencies. Even the minute plagiarism can’t hide from the CopyScape.

This is best to check who stole your content and who has written the plagiarised content. You can even download the entire report to find the plagiarism and fix it easily.

Pros & Cons Of Copyscape:

Here we have listed the pros & cons of Copyscape. Let’s have a look.


  • Available as the WordPress plugin.
  • Simple interface.
  • 100% accurate plagiarism results.
  • Can find copied content from the website.


  • You need to pay an extra charge for WordPress integration.

3. Quetext:

Quetext Overview

Quetext plagiarism detector tool is reliable for checking duplicate content. It is available as a free and paid tool. This tool has a user-friendly interface, and you need to paste the content to detect plagiarism from the content.

You can easily detect the common words and even contextual plagiarism from the content. Moreover, the Premium version is affordable, and students and writers can check the plagiarism in the content.

Pros & Cons Of Quetext:

Here we have listed the pros & cons of Quetext. Let’s dive into it.


  • Best for bloggers and content writers.
  • Better match technology to quickly detect plagiarism.
  • Can check bulks files at one time.
  • Export report into PDF format.


  • Need paid version if you need to check more than 1000 words.

4. Duplichecker:

Duplichecker Overview

The Duplichecker tool is best for those who don’t want to invest. However, it is pretty useful and doesn’t cost you a penny. Whether you want to detect plagiarism from the blog or thesis, then Duplichecker is reliable.

With this, you can paste the content into the text box on the page and click on “check for plagiarism.” Within a couple of minutes, it generates the report. However, there is still scope for improvement.

Pros & Cons Of Duplichecker:

Here are some pros & cons of Duplichecker. Let’s get inside into it.


  • It’s a free online plagiarism detector tool.
  • Easily scan 50 copies in a day.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Excellent for detecting plagiarism from the articles.


  • You can check only 1000 words.

5. plagiarismcheck.org:

Plagiarism Check Overview

PlagiarismCheck.org is an excellent plagiarism checker tool for those who don’t need to pay anything. This could be a helping hand for the content creator to detect plagiarism from the content. In addition, users can easily detect plagiarism just by uploading the content.

As soon as you upload the content, it immediately scans the content and gives you an update about plagiarism. Then, it generates a detailed report to easily remove plagiarism from the content.

Pros & Cons Of Plagiarism Check.org.

Here are some pros & cons of Plagiarism Check.org. Let’s get inside into it.


  • Defect the plagiarism quickly.
  • Free trial available.
  • Multiple files format can be accepted.
  • Give accurate results.


  • It is more costly than Grammarly.

6. SmallSeoTool:

SmallSeoTool Overview

SmallSeoTool is a reliable tool for detecting plagiarism from the content. This is a combination of plagiarism checker, grammar checker, phrasing, and many more. It would be an excellent tool for detecting basic plagiarism and the best part is free to use.

To detect plagiarism, you need to copy the text and paste it into the given text box and click on “Check for plagiarism.” Within a few seconds, it provides you with a detailed report and shows content in red color that is detected as plagiarized content.

Pros & Cons Of SmallSEO Tool:

Here we have listed the pros & cons of the SmallSEO tool. Let’s have a look.

  • Basic level plagiarism checker.
  • Directly upload the content from the cloud and Google Drive.
  • Free version available.
  • Sets of tools that are helpful to write unique content.


  • The free version isn’t reliable.

7. WhiteSmoke:

Whitesmoke Overview

WhiteSmoke is a popular plagiarism detection tool that is both reliable and accurate. Many people trust WhiteSmoke’s anti-plagiarism program in addition to becoming a grammar checkers and editor.

Within a few seconds, it provides your detailed plagiarism report. So, you can easily fix the plagiarism and make unique content pieces.

Moreover, this would be an excellent alternative to Grammarly. It offers similar features like Grammarly, which take your content detection to another level.

Pros & Cons Of WhiteSmoke:

Here we have listed the Pros & Cons of WhiteSmoke. Let’s have a look.


  • Easy content scanning feature.
  • It supports different platforms.
  • Best for detecting plagiarism from thesis and research papers.
  • User-friendly tool.


  • It doesn’t have multiple databases like Grammarly.

8. ProWritingAid:

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ProWritingAid Overview

ProWritingAid is also a reliable online plagiarism checker. This helps check the content in novels, manuscripts, and literary works.

The tool is excellent for content creators and authors. You can detect even grammar errors and sentence styling issues.

Pros & Cons Of ProWritingAid:

Here is the list of some pros & cons of ProWritingaid. Let’s get inside into it.


  • It would be a lifetime deal.
  • Check the plagiarism from MS word.
  • Detect 10% plagiarism from the manuscript.
  • Easy to use.


  • UI is a bit complex for beginners.

10. CopyLeaks:

CopyLeaks Overview

Copyleaks is a free alternative to Copyscape that works as a plagiarism identification and copyright protection program.

Copyleaks helps you detect errors in your writing but also assists you in fighting copyright theft by telling you where your work is replicated elsewhere online.

Pros & Cons Of CopyLeaks:

Here is the list of some pros & cons of CopyLeaks. Let’s get inside into it.

  • Can detect plagiarism in any language.
  • Has a bigger database and matches content similarity.
  • Easy to check and submit already checked files.
  • Good for the publishers.


  • Sony 2500 words can be scanned for free.

11. WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin:

WordPress Plagiarism Checker Overview

A plagiarism detector plugin for WordPress is useful if you’re a writer who subcontracts a lot of content. It examines your posts for any unoriginal material before they are published. This would be an excellent tool for checking plagiarism from WordPress site blogs.

Pros & Cons:

Here are some pros & cons of WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin. Lets dive into it.

  • Useful for the WordPress bloggers.
  • Available as integration.
  • Very handy and detect plagiarism within a few seconds.
  • Good for those who outsource content.


  • Didn’t been updated for long.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is best for detecting plagiarism-free tools or paid tools?

The paid tool is excellent in terms of accuracy. Free tools are also reliable, but they have certain limitations like word limit accuracy and only detect basic level plagiarism.

Is Grammarly Premium good for beginners?

Yes, if you own an agency or write content in bulk, then Grammarly premium would be great for checking grammar and detecting plagiarism from the content.

Is Duplichecker reliable to detect plagiarism?

Yes, it’s a free tool and reliable enough to detect plagiarism from the content. In addition, the report generated by the tool is good for checking basic to minute plagiarism.

Which is best, CopyScape or Grammarly?

CopyScape is good for detecting plagiarism. However, if you want to check grammar errors and plagiarism, Grammarly would be the best tool.

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Final Words

Plagiarism checkers these days are needed to detect plagiarism from the content. So, here are the top plagiarism checker tools you can choose to detect plagiarism.

Some are paid, and some are free tools. The free tools would be great if you don’t want to invest and have only a few documents to check. But if you outsource content in bulk, go with the paid tools as it provides you with an accurate report. However, the final decision is yours with which tool you go.

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