Passive Voice Checker [2021] – Top 5 Best Online Detectors

A passive sentence is a typical way to convey information or to include in a conversation. If you are in digital marketing, the targeted customers must understand your presentation directly without any other thought process in their mindset. Therefore, a passive voice detector is a renowned and useful tool to enhance the presentation’s quality to a whole new level.

What is a Passive Voice Detector?

A passive voice detector is an advanced program infused software that can automatically detect a passive sentence from the given content. It is available online and offline for different platforms to identify and highlight the passive sentences from the content.

It can be a plugin tool or an application that can read and recognize the passive sentences from the content provided. Some latest software can also provide an appropriate explanation for the detection of a sentence and gives clues to correct it manually or through the software itself.

How Does a Passive Voice Detector Work?

The algorithm infused in the software breaks the given content into individual sentences and matches the library set in the software. Sentences that are matched with the sentences in the library are highlighted, which can be changed further.

Most passive voice detectors use underlined comments to detect and replace them, but some advanced tools like ProWritingAid and Grammarly can instantly change the sentences in a single click. 

However, if you want clean and perfect content without any traces of mixed up or confusing sentences, then the premium tool can be completely reliable. Using such professional tools from reputed services ensures that no sentence in the blog is left behind while analyzing. 

Some sites and plugins provide both detection and correction features in it. Preferring one such site is the best way to get rid of passive sentences and enhance your content quality.  

Why do you need a Passive Voice Detector?

Attention and engagement are the two fundamental requirements of any website to convey the information related to the offered products or services. An easily understandable and well-presented website is not only preferred by the customers but also can rank well in the search engine as well. 

The sentences delivered while conveying the information in any site plays a major role in grabbing attention and engaging the audience to the site. An active and passive sentence is one of the basic classifications of sentence delivery that controls engagement to a great extent. 

But using an active voice in which the subject of the sentence acts is the better way than using a passive sentence where the subject itself undergoes the action. Using passive voice in a sentence not only makes it lengthy but also difficult to understand as well. For instance, “I play cricket once a week” seems simple and clear, then “Cricket is played by me once a week.”

Therefore, avoiding passive voice usage is always a safe choice for a better understanding of the audience. For this, an efficient and reliable tool called Passive voice detector is the best way to go with.

Some Best Passive Voice Detectors (2021):

There are tons of passive voice detectors that one can find online with different features and options to help the writer. But, not all of them are effective in detecting or correcting the passive sentences included in the content.  

These are the 5 passive voice detectors renowned for being efficient and reliable ones from years by the expert writers, some of them are

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is undoubtedly the most renowned and most preferred editor for writers globally. However, when it comes to passive voice detectors, the incredible tweaks that come with this editor is probably the best for regular usages. 

The advanced algorithm in this software can not only identify the passive voice and highlight it but also can explain the appropriate reasons for it. On the right, it highlights the occurrences of passive voice in an itinerary way that can give you a broad view of your content and the quality. 

With some conventional features and incredible tweaks like instant results, it can accomplish your task way faster than the manual way of analysing every line in the content.

2. ProWritingAid

When it comes to sentence enhancements and efficient blogging, ProWritingAid can be a trustworthy companion of the novice in the SEO industry. It is a great writing tool and a useful grammar checker that can altogether take your blog’s quality to the pinnacle of perfection. 

Long-form writing is best done in this detector even if there is a bulk of contents in the reports. You can easily find and correct the sentence structures with it in a single click. It gives helpful tips to fix the identified sentences besides letting you edit your sentence using a completely different subject.

3. Hemingway App

Hemingway is one of the renowned names as an efficient passive voice checker tool, and if you are into SEO, you must have surely heard about it. The super-fast analysis, clear green highlights for every structure of occurrences identified, and reliability on every sentence makes it the most compelling choice among other available options.

Although the lack of examples in the results may increase your working time, the effectiveness of the analysis will surely leave you answered. 

The best thing about Hemingway is that it also gives an overall analysis of the content that includes quality and readability as well. It is completely free to be used and is of less size as well. 

4. Ginger Grammar

Ginger Grammar is an easy and reliable free Chrome extension that can be of great help for bloggers. This tool can be a great companion in detecting and editing any passive sentence with any blog editor that you use on your site.  

The passive verb phrase detected in the analysis is underlined and can be re-written in the active form without any extra efforts or confusion. It is also an effective companion for bloggers while writing online anytime. 

Additionally, this tool also comes with a grammar checker that will mark the spelling errors based on the sentence’s context. The UI of these tools could be greatly helpful to many of the beginners in the digital market.

5. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is a simple yet effective way to check your writing quickly. This online application is completely free to use without even needing to go through the lengthy registration procedure. 

As per the name of this application, it checks the grammar and spelling mistakes and is also one of the best passive voice detectors out there. If you are looking to enhance the quality of your blog or article urgently, then this application is the best way to go with it.  

With the lightning-fast procedure and the most efficient algorithm in the software, any type of content can be analyzed and matched to give accurate results. 


Passive voice detection is highly essential if you want to make your content effective, easily understandable to the audience. This software ensures that the entire content is readable and free from all errors that may bother the audience. Using any of these tools can be helpful for both beginners as well as professionals with their incredible features.

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